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zc.buildout recipe for manage and execute CI test cases.

Project description

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General Usage

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What’s the story

Continuous Integration (CI) testing for small and medium projects.

Preparing the case

Import modules.

>>> from fabric.operations import local
>>> from fabric.context_managers import lcd

Create the working folder and the build folder. We should have the absolute path for both.

>>> import os
>>> test_folder = tmpdir('test')
>>> build_folder = tmpdir('builds')

We will use the leocornus demo repository leocornus-ci-projects for testing.

>>> repo_url = ''

get ready the working folder.

>>> with lcd(test_folder):
...     clone = local('git clone %s' % repo_url, True)
[localhost] local: git clone ...
>>> prj_folder = os.path.join(test_folder, 'leocornus-ci-projects')

Get the most recent 5 commits for testing.

>>> with lcd(prj_folder):
...     local('git pull', True)
...     ids = local('git log --format=%h -5 .', True)
[localhost] local: git pull
'Already up-to-date.'
[localhost] local: git log ...
>>> commit_ids = ids.splitlines()
>>> len(commit_ids)

Prepare a buildlog

The buildlog will have only one line to track the last build id and commit id. We will use the number 2 commit as an example for the last build. The first entry of the git log is the lastest commit by default. So we will only build the latest commit.

>>> logdata = "%s-%s" % (100, commit_ids[1])
>>> write(prj_folder, '.buildlog', logdata)
>>> print(logdata)

The file .buildlog will have the content like following:


Prepare a cicfg

the .cicfg will be searched from the following location:

  • project folder, while user could customize it by project.
  • user’s home folder ~/.cicfg, it will be override by the same file in project folder.

We will use the .cicfg file in suer’s home folder for testing. The method expanduser in build testing context will return a temporary folder. We will not test this for now.

...>>> home_folder = os.path.expanduser("~")
...>>> print(home_folder)
...>>> ci_scripts = """
...... [ci]
...... script:
......   ls -la
...... """
...>>> write(home_folder, '.cicfg', ci_scripts)

Prepare a mwrc file

Get ready a sample mwrc file for testing. We will save the mwrc file in working folder.

>>> rc_file = os.path.join(prj_folder, '.mwrc')
>>> mwrc = open(rc_file, 'w')
>>> cfg_data = """
... [mwclient]
... update_wiki = no
... host =
... path = /wiki/
... username = seanchen
... password = password
... [wiki page]
... title: Project:CI/Builds/%(build_id)s-%(commit_id)s
... comment: build log for commit %(commit_id)s
... content:
...   %(build_status)s
...   ===Commit===
...   <div>%(commit_message)s</div>
...   ===Build Log===
...   <div>%(build_log)s</div>
... """
>>> mwrc.write(cfg_data)
>>> mwrc.close()

Set up the ci buildout

Get ready a buildout to execute CI testing.

>>> write(sample_buildout, 'buildout.cfg',
... """
... [buildout]
... parts = test-ci
... [test-ci]
... recipe =
... working-folder = %(prj_folder)s
... builds-folder = %(builds_folder)s
... wiki-rc-file = %(rc_file)s
... """ % dict(prj_folder=prj_folder, builds_folder=build_folder,
...            rc_file=rc_file))
>>> ls(sample_buildout)
d bin
- buildout.cfg
d develop-eggs
d eggs
d parts

Execute the buildout

run the buildout:

>>> os.chdir(sample_buildout)
>>> print(system(buildout))
Installing test-ci.
test-ci: Working Folder ...
test-ci: Builds Folder ...
test-ci: Save Builds 0
test-ci: Last build id 100
test-ci: Last commit id ...
test-ci: Total number of commits pending build 1
test-ci: Next commit to build 101-...
test-ci: Repository Remote:
test-ci: Repository Branch: master
test-ci: Project Folder: projects/...
test-ci: Get ready build folder: .../builds/101/...
test-ci: Execute test script: npm test
test-ci: Result: Build success!
test-ci: Convert build log to HTML.
test-ci: Wiki page title: Project:CI/Builds/101-...
test-ci: Wiki update is OFF

buildout won’t store those Fabric local output.

[localhost] local: git pull
[localhost] local: git log ...
test-ci: Total number of commits pending build 1
test-ci: Next commit to build 101-...
[localhost] local: echo 101-... > .buildlog
[localhost] local: git remote -v
[localhost] local: git branch
[localhost] local: git log --name-only --format=%h -1 ...
test-ci: Repository Remote:
test-ci: Repository Branch: master
test-ci: Project Folder: projects/...
[localhost] local: echo projects/...
test-ci: Get ready build folder: .../builds/101/...
test-ci: Result: Build success!

explore the build log

Read the build log.

>>> log_file = '%s/101.log' % build_folder
>>> blog = open(log_file)
>>> logs =
>>> #print(logs)
>>> 'git init' in logs

quick test for converting build log

>>> from subprocess import Popen
>>> from subprocess import check_output
>>> from subprocess import PIPE
>>> cat = Popen(['cat', log_file], stdout=PIPE)
>>> html_log = check_output(['aha', '-b', '--no-header'], stdin=cat.stdout)
>>> #print(html_log)
>>> 'color:lime' in html_log

Tear down

The buildoutTearDown should clean up temp directories.

clean the .cicfg file.

...>>> remove = local('rm -rf %s' % cicfg, True)
...[localhost] local: rm -rf ...

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