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RSS/Atom feed manager library.

Project description


Leolo is a RSS/Atom feed manager library. It allows you to:

  • Add/Edit a list of feeds.

  • Get any content from feeds:
    • Feed title.

    • Feed url.

    • Feed’s last update.

    • Feed’s new entries:
      • Entry title.

      • Entry link.

      • Entry content.

      • Entry enclosures.

      • Entry links (included in content).

  • Filter new entries.


  • Python 2.6

  • SQLAlchemy

  • pysqlite

  • pyparsing

  • FeedParser


Install dependencies

There is more than one way to do this:

In Debian/Ubuntu with root access

$ sudo apt-get install python-sqlalchemy python-pyparsing python-feedparser python-sqlite

With easy_install

If you have root access, then you can do:

$ sudo easy_install feedparser pyparsing pysqlite SQLAlchemy

If you haven’t, make sure you set a valid –install-dir which is also in your PYTHONPATH:

$ easy_install –install-dir=$HOME/lib/python feedparser pyparsing pysqlite SQLAlchemy

Manual installation

Visit each website and follow their instructions to install the software:

Leolo installation

First, download the source code from the official page:

$ sudo python install


$ python install –home=$HOME

If installation was successful, configure the ‘’’’ file.

Uninstalling Leolo

Unfortunatelly, there isn’t a ‘’python uninstall’’, you have to do it manually.

Go to the place where you installed the application - e.g. $HOME/lib/python - and delete the .egg file(s) and the line which points at it in ‘’easy-install.pth’’.


Take a look to the examples directory to have an idea of how to use this library.

Project details

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