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Http helpers for django-channels

Project description

Http helpers for `django-channels`

Hello world
from lesync import login_required

async def hello(request):
return {'hello': request.user.username}


pip install lesync

Add `ApiConsumer` into your ``:

from django.urls import path
from channels.routing import ProtocolTypeRouter, URLRouter
from channels.sessions import SessionMiddlewareStack
from lesync import ApiConsumer

application = ProtocolTypeRouter({
# ... websockets or something
'http': SessionMiddlewareStack(
path('/async/<path:path>', ApiConsumer),
# ... fallback to sync views

That's it. Now you can add async views which will be served win `/async/` url

Subclass of `channels.http.AsgiRequest` with:

- `json` attribute
- `async load_user()` method - which returns standard django user
- `user` attribute - it's available after calling `load_user()` of if you use
`@login_required` or `@staff_member_required` decorators

In addition to `django.http.HttpResponse`
you can use sugary json responses and streaming:

async def standard(request):
return HttpResponse('hello, world')

async def json_data(request):
return {'hello': 'world'}

async def with_status(request):
return {'bad': 'request'}, 400

async def with_headers(request):
return {}, 200, {'my': 'header'}

async def streaming(request):
async def stream():
for i in range(1, 1000):
yield f'{i},{i**2}\n'
await asyncio.sleep(.1)
return stream(), 200, {'Content-Type': 'text/csv'}

Familiar `@login_required` and `@staff_member_required` decorators:

from lesync import staff_member_required

async def hello(request):
return {'admin': request.user.username}

Request validation
You can use `@validate_query` and `@validate_json` decorators
to validate requests data. They're using `trafaret` library to perform
validation, so make sure it's installed.

from lesync.trafaret import validate_json

@validate_json({'ids': [int], 'hello?': str})
async def foo(request):
return request.json

pip install -Ur requirements-dev.txt
python -m pytest tests/

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