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Provides functionality to notify if an exception occurred

Project description


A python module that provides functionality to notify you when something goes wrong


from letmegetcoffee import lmgc  # or use wild import since it equals to lmgc only

error(s) to catch; defaults to (Exception,); not necessary to set

lmgc.EXCEPTIONS = ValueError

what to do if an error occurred; necessary to set after import, since it defaults to print and just silently prints the exception-object

lmgc.ON_EXCEPTION = lmgc.on_exception_beep

on_exception_ - functions

  • on_exception_beep(e):

    Beep in a while loop to notify if something goes wrong. Remeber to turn your volume up

  • on_exception_mail(e): [IN DEVELOPEMENT]

    Send an email to notify if something goes wrong.

  • on_exception_webpage(e): [IN DEVELOPEMENT]

    Host a webpage inside the local network to show the state of the running program. Seems unlikly though since hosting an http server (during the entire runtime, not only when an error occured) is a rather resource-expensive task

It is also possible to use your own function. Just note:

  • the function has to take the excepion-object as an argument

    exception-object like in except Exception as e: pass

  • lmgc.ON_EXCEPTION = yourFunction has to be set before the decorator is used


from random import randint
from letmegetcoffee import lmgc
lmgc.ON_EXCEPTION = lmgc.on_exception_beep

def testing(number, message):
    while True: number / randint(0, number)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    testing(1000000, message='Hello World!!!')  # args and kwargs work

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