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Library to coordinate the concurrent evaluation of dynamic ensembles of calculations

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libEnsemble: A complete toolkit for dynamic ensembles of calculations

Adaptive, portable, and scalable software for connecting “deciders” to experiments or simulations.

  • Dynamic ensembles: Generate parallel tasks on-the-fly based on previous computations.

  • Extreme portability and scaling: Run on or across laptops, clusters, and leadership-class machines.

  • Heterogeneous computing: Dynamically and portably assign CPUs, GPUs, or multiple nodes.

  • Application monitoring: Ensemble members can run, monitor, and cancel apps.

  • Data-flow between tasks: Running ensemble members can send and receive data.

  • Low start-up cost: No additional background services or processes required.

libEnsemble is effective at solving design, decision, and inference problems on parallel resources.



Install libEnsemble and its dependencies from PyPI using pip:

pip install libensemble

Other install methods are described in the docs.

Basic Usage

Create an Ensemble, then customize it with general settings, simulation and generator parameters, and an exit condition. Run the following via python --comms local --nworkers 4:

import numpy as np

from libensemble import Ensemble
from libensemble.gen_funcs.sampling import uniform_random_sample
from libensemble.sim_funcs.six_hump_camel import six_hump_camel
from libensemble.specs import ExitCriteria, GenSpecs, SimSpecs
from import add_unique_random_streams

if __name__ == "__main__":
    sampling = Ensemble(parse_args=True)
    sampling.sim_specs = SimSpecs(
        outputs=[("f", float)],
    sampling.gen_specs = GenSpecs(
        outputs=[("x", float, (2,))],
            "gen_batch_size": 500,
            "lb": np.array([-3, -2]),
            "ub": np.array([3, 2]),

    sampling.persis_info = add_unique_random_streams({}, sampling.nworkers + 1)
    sampling.exit_criteria = ExitCriteria(sim_max=101)

    if sampling.is_manager:
        print("Some output data:\n", sampling.H[["x", "f"]][:10])



Further Information:

Cite libEnsemble:

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