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static code extractor for Python

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Liberator is a Python library that “liberates” (i.e. statically extracts) class / function source code from an existing python library into a single standalone module.

It works by statically parsing the code for the class / function definition and then recursively parsing and extracting all missing dependencies.

Here is an example. Say that you want to use the find_exe function from ubelt, but you don’t want to depend on ubelt itself, you can extract the minimal code necessary to define the fine_exe function in a new standalone module via:

# Create a Liberator instance to manage construction of
# the new standalone code.
from liberator.core import Liberator
lib = Liberator()

# Pass the liberator object the function you want to expose
# You can add more than one function this way.
import ubelt as ub

# Tell liberator about the library that you dont want to depend on,
# any (statically findable) external references to that library will be
# vendored into the new liberated code.

# Finally access the "current source code" which will
# have the self-contained version of the "liberated" utility.

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