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A ridiculously simple HT/XML article-text extractor

Project description
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Libextract is a statistical extraction library that works on HTML and XML documents, written in Python and originating from eatihit. The philosophy and aim is to provide declaratively composed, simple and pipelined functions for users to describe their extraction algorithms.



Extracts text (by default) from a given HT/XML string doc. What is extracted and how it is extracted can be configured using the strategy parameter, which accepts an iterable of functions to be piped to one another (the result of the previous is the argument of the next).


Extracting the text from a wikipedia page:

from requests import get
from libextract import extract

r = get('')
text = extract(r.content)

Getting the node that (most likely) contains the text nodes that contain the text of the article:

from libextract.strategies import ARTICLE_NODE

node = extract(r.content, strategy=ARTICLE_NODE)

To serialize the node into JSON format:

>>> from libextract.formatters import node_json
>>> node_json(node, depth=1)
{'children': [...],
 'class': ['mw-content-ltr'],
 'id': ['mw-content-text'],
 'tag': 'div',
 'text': None,
 'xpath': '/html/body/div[3]/div[3]/div[4]'}

Using tabular extraction to get the nodes containing tabular data present in the HT/XML document:

from libextract.strategies import TABULAR

height_data = get("")
tabs = list(extract(height_data.content, strategy=TABULAR))

To convert HT/XML element to python list

>>> from libextract.formatters import table_list
>>> table_list(tabs[0])
  'Average male height',
  'Average female height',
  'Stature ratio (male to female)',
  'Sample population / age range',

Viewing the table in your browser:

from lxml.html import open_in_browser

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