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Fast, robust, and less incomplete cffi-based bindings for libqrencode (Py2, Py3, and PyPy)

Project description

Fast, robust, and slightly less incomplete cffi-based Python bindings for libqrencode (

Python 2, Python 3, and PyPy compatible!


$ pip install libqrencode-cffi


>>> import libqrencode as qr
>>> qrc = qr.QRCode("Hello, world!")

# The raw QR code can be accessed, where each item is a bitfield containing
# information about that portion of the code (see DATA_* constants).
>>> qrc.get_raw_data()
[193, 193, 193, 193, ...  3, 2, 2, 3, 3]

# If PIL is installed, a PIL image of the QR code can be created:
>>> qrc.get_im(border=3)
<PIL.Image.Image image mode=L size=81x81 at ...>

# And if lxml.etree / xml.etree is available, an SVG can be generated:
>>> qrc.get_svg_etree()
<Element g at ...>
>>> qrc.get_svg_string()
'<g><rect fill="white" height="21" width="21" x="0" y="0"/>...<rect fill="black" height="1" width="1" x="20" y="19"/></g>'


Encoding modes (see

  • MODE_NUL (internal to qrencode)



  • MODE_8 (default)


  • MODE_STRUCTURE (not fully supported by libqrencode)

  • MODE_ECI (not fully supported by libqrencode)

  • MODE_FNC1FIRST (not fully supported by libqrencode)

  • MODE_FNC1SECOND (not fully supported by libqrencode)

Error correction modes:

  • ECLEVEL_L (7%; default)

  • ECLEVEL_M (15%)

  • ECLEVEL_Q (25%)

  • ECLEVEL_H (30%)

Raw data bitmasks:

  • DATA_BW (1=black/0=white)

  • DATA_DATA_AND_ECC (data and ecc code area)

  • DATA_FORMAT_INFO (format information)

  • DATA_VERSION_INFO (version information)

  • DATA_TIMING_PATTERN (timing pattern)

  • DATA_ALIGNMENT_PATTERN (alignment pattern)

  • DATA_FINDER_PATTERN (finder pattern and separator)

  • DATA_NON_DATA (non-data modules (format, timing, etc.))

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libqrencode-cffi-0.1.1.tar.gz (9.2 kB view hashes)

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