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C++ / Python library with signal processing and tempo estimation utilities.

Project description


C++ / Python library for signal processing and tempo information extraction.


MP3, FLAC and WAV audio formats are supported.




libtempo [audio] {OPTIONS}

      -h, --help                        Display the help menu
        --preferred_bpm=[preferred_bpm]   (Default: 130) BPM around which the
                                          real bpm will be chosen.
                                          (Default: 0.500000) Precision of the
                                          BPM before correction..
        --smooth_length=[smooth_length]   (Default: 20.000000) Length in seconds
                                          over which the tempogram will be
                                          stabilized to extract a steady tempo.
                                          (Default: 10.000000) Minimum length
                                          for a tempo section in seconds.
                                          (Default: 40.000000) Maximum section
                                          length in seconds after which section
                                          is split in half.
        --bpm_window=[bpm_window]         BPM range which to check for tempo
                                          Tempo multiples to consider when
                                          searching for correct offset
        --ref_tempo=[ref_tempo]           (Default: 60) Reference tempo defining
                                          the partition of BPM into tempo
                                          octaves for calculating cyclic
        --tempo_window=[tempo_window]     (Default: 8) Analysis window length in
                                          seconds for calculating tempogram.
        --octave_divider=[octave_divider] (Default: 120) Number of tempo classes
                                          used for representing a tempo octave.
                                          This parameter controls the
                                          dimensionality of cyclic tempogram.
        --triplet_weight=[triplet_weight] (Default: 3.000000) Weight of the
                                          triplet intensity which will be adeed
                                          to its base intensity.
                                          (Default: 2.000000) Window around
                                          candidate bpm which to search for a
                                          more fine and correct bpm.
        --bpm_doubt_step=[bpm_doubt_step] (Default: 0.100000) Steps which to
                                          take inside the doubt window to fine
                                          tune the bpm.
                                          (Default: 8) Click subdivision for the
                                          click track.
      Output Flags
                                          (Default: 1) Wether or not a click
                                          track should be generated
        -o, --osu                         Wether or not to generate tempo data
                                          in osu format.
        --viz                             Saves a html file with useful graphs.
        -d, --dump                        Dump generated tempograms and novelty
                                          curves into a file.
      audio                             Audio file to extract tempo of.
      "--" can be used to terminate flag options and force all following
      arguments to be treated as positional options




Flaws / TODO's

  • BPM calculated is the percieved bpm. There is also real bpm which may be twice as high. (I would love to hear any suggestions how this could be helped)
  • Pars where bpm is constantly changed are rounded away when making secions.
  • Sometimes offset might be shifted by a 1/4th or 1/8th note.


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