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Python bindings for libversion

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Python bindings for libversion

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Python bindings for libversion, which provides fast, powerful and correct generic version string comparison algorithm.

See libversion repository for more details on the algorithm.


libversion is 10x to 100x faster than other version comparison facilities widely used in Python world.

Facility comps/sec
libversion.version_compare2 3492.81K
libversion.version_compare 3219.02K
libversion.Version 374.08K
tuple(map(int, (v.split('.')))) 206.02K
cmp_version.cmp_version 189.15K
cmp_version.VersionString 156.42K
distutils.version.StrictVersion 75.00K
version.Version 71.39K
distutils.version.LooseVersion 51.38K
pkg_resources.parse_version 22.26K


libversion handles certain complex version cases better than other version comparison facilities. Here are some example cases where others fail:

Test case libversion tuple StrictVersion LooseVersion parse_version cmp_version
1.0 == 1.0.0 ok incorrect (<) ok incorrect (<) ok ok
1.2_3 == 1.2-3 ok fail fail incorrect (>) incorrect (<) ok
1.2.3 == 1.2-3 ok fail fail fail incorrect (>) incorrect (<)
1.0alpha1 == 1.0.alpha1 ok fail fail ok ok incorrect (>)
1.0rc1 < 1.0 ok fail fail incorrect (>) ok incorrect (>)
1.0 < 1.0patch1 ok fail fail ok incorrect (>) ok
1.0.2a < 1.0.2g ok fail fail ok incorrect (>) ok

Note 1: fail means that attempt to compare versions has thrown an exception, usually bacause a library cannot parse specific version string.

Note 2: version module was not able to complete any tests as it's a strict semantic version implementation which require 3 version components. Also, it does not support Python 3 without modification.

Python wrapper features

  • Provides API similar to C library, version_compare(a, b) function
  • Provides more pythonic (but slower) Version class with overloaded comparison operators


Example code

from libversion import Version, version_compare

assert(version_compare("0.9", "1.1") < 0)
assert(version_compare("1.0", "1.0.0") == 0)
assert(version_compare("1.1", "0.9") > 0)

assert(Version("0.9") < Version("1.1"))
assert(Version("1.0") ==  Version("1.0.0"))
assert(Version("1.1") > Version("0.9"))

assert(Version("0.999") < Version("1.0alpha1"))
assert(Version("1.0alpha1") < Version("1.0alpha2"))
assert(Version("1.0alpha2") < Version("1.0beta1"))
assert(Version("1.0beta1") < Version("1.0pre1"))
assert(Version("1.0pre1") < Version("1.0rc1"))
assert(Version("1.0rc1") < Version("1.0"))
assert(Version("1.0") < Version("1.0patch1"))


MIT license, copyright (c) 2017-2018 Dmitry Marakasov

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