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Language identification Toolkit

Project description

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lidtk - the language identification toolkit - was written in order to investigate the current state of language performance.


The recommended way to install clana is:

$ pip install lidtk --user

If you want the latest version:

$ git clone; cd lidtk
$ pip install -e . --user

I recommend getting the WiLI-2018 dataset.


$ lidtk --help

Usage: lidtk [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --version  Show the version and exit.
  --help     Show this message and exit.

  analyze-data           Utility function for the languages...
  analyze-unicode-block  Analyze how important a Unicode block is for...
  char-distrib           Use the character distribution language...
  cld2                   Use the CLD-2 language classifier.
  create-dataset         Create sharable dataset from downloaded...
  download               Download 1000 documents of each language.
  google-cloud           Use the CLD-2 language classifier.
  langdetect             Use the langdetect language classifier.
  langid                 Use the langid language classifier.
  map                    Map predictions to something known by WiLI
  nn                     Use a neural network classifier.
  textcat                Use the CLD-2 language classifier.
  tfidf_nn               Use the TfidfNNClassifier classifier.

For example:

$ lidtk cld2 predict --text 'This is a test.'

The usual order is:

  1. lidtk download: Please use WiLI-2018 instead of downloading the dataset on your own.
  2. lidtk create-dataset: This step can be skipped if you use WiLI-2018
  3. lidtk analyze-unicode-block --start 0 --end 128
  4. lidtk tfidf_nn train vectorizer --config lidtk/classifiers/config/tfidf_nn.yaml
  5. lidtk tfidf_nn train vectorizer --config lidtk/classifiers/config/tfidf_nn.yaml
  6. lidtk tfidf_nn wili --config lidtk/classifiers/config/tfidf_nn.yaml

Or to use one directly:

$ lidtk cld2 predict --text 'This text is written in some language.'



Check tests with tox.

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