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light microservice solution

Project description

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limis is a light microservice framework built in Python and powered by Tornado.

Examples: limis examples can be found on github at limis_examples



pip install limis

Project Creation

limis-management create_project <project_name>

Service Creation

  • Scaffold the services with the project management command:

cd <project_name>
python create_service <service_name>
  • Create a request handler to route service requests to your component in ‘<service_name>/’:

from typing import Union

from tornado.websocket import WebSocketHandler
from import ComponentHandler

class HelloHTTPHandler(ComponentHandler):
    def get(self):

class HelloWebSocketHandler(ComponentHandler, WebSocketHandler):
    def on_message(self, message: Union[str, bytes]):
  • Create a component to perform actions on requests in ‘<service_name>/’:

from import Component

from hello.handlers import HelloHTTPHandler, HelloWebSocketHandler

class HelloComponent(Component):
    component_name = 'hello'
    component_path = 'hello'
    component_http_handler = HelloHTTPHandler
    component_websocket_handler = HelloWebSocketHandler

    def hello(self):
        return 'hello'
  • Create a services configuration entry in ‘<service_name>’/

from import Service

from hello.components import HelloComponent

services = [
    Service(name='hello', path='hello', components=[HelloComponent]),
  • Add your services module to the project services configuration ‘<project_name>/’:

from import services as hello_services

context_root = ''
services = hello_services

Launch Server

Launch the limis server from the command prompt:

python server --http --websocket

Test Service

  • HTTP Service

curl http://localhost:8080/hello/hello


  • WebSocket Service

Example using websocket-client

from websocket import create_connection
websocket = create_connection('ws://localhost:8888/hello/hello/')



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