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provides Linear Equations in 2 variables as Python Objects

Project description


This is a simple Mathematical Module which is simple to use. The module provides classes through which linear equations in 2 variables can be solved, and visualized.

Classes and Functions provided

  • class Symbol

    symbols to use in Linear Equations
    example: Symbol("x") -> x, Symbol("y") -> y

  • class LinearEquation1D

    objects of type ax + b = 0
    each such object has one unique solution

  • class LinearEquation2D

    objects of type ax + by + c = 0
    when standalone, each such object has infinitely many solution
    when solved with another such object, the final result may be infinitely many solutions, no solution or a unique solution

  • function solve1D(eqn)

    solves one LinearEquation1D
    used to retrieve the solution to a 1D equation as a float

  • function solve2D(eqn1, eqn2)

    solves two LinearEquation2D
    used to retrieve solution to two 2D equations as a tuple of floats

  • function consistency(eqn1, eqn2)

    checks and returns if the given LinearEquation2D objects are consistent or not

  • function satisfies(eqn, x, y)

    returns True if the given pair of numbers satisfy a particular LinearEquation2D and False in all other cases

Each function contains help text that can be accessed through help() in python to know more about it.

Update (0.0.5)

You can now graph and visualize 2-dimensional equations!
Added function graph(eqn1, eqn2) which graphs the given LinearEquation2D objects on a 2D mathematical plot along with their solution (if any)

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