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Blocking and non-blocking (asynchronous) clients for Linger

Project description


-- Blocking and non-blocking (asynchronous) clients for Linger

This package provides Python clients for interacting with a Linger server, which is a message queue and pubsub service with a REST HTTP API.

The linger clients are implemented in Python 3 using Tornado HTTP clients.


Install the lingerclient package with the following pip command:

pip install lingerclient

This will also ensure that the dependency package tornado is installed.

Example code

Blocking client example:

import lingerclient

lc = lingerclient.BlockingLingerClient()
r ='test-channel', {'msg': 'My first message'})
m = lc.get('test-channel')

The stream method can be used for iterating over a stream from a channel:

for m in'test-channel'):

Async client example:

import lingerclient from tornado import ioloop, gen

def run_test():
    lc = lingerclient.AsyncLingerClient()
    r = yield'test-channel', {'msg': 'My first message'})
    r = yield lc.channels()
    m = yield lc.get('test-channel')
    yield lc.delete(m['id'])


Main client methods

List active channels

post(channel, body, **kwargs)
Post a message in the channel. Accepts keyword arguments for the query parameters: priority, timeout, deliver and linger.

get(channel, nowait=False)
Get a message from the channel. Returns the a dict with the message id, body, channel, etc. If no message is available, None is returned. Set argument nowait to True to prevent long-polling.

stream(channel, max_retries=0)
Get a stream (iterator) for channel. Argument max_retries can limit the number of failed reconnection attempts. Default is max_retries=0, which means no limit.

Drain the channel for messages (ie, delete all messages in the channel).

Get channel stats

List topics the channel is subscribed to

subscribe(channel, topic, **kwargs)
Subscribe channel to topic. Accepts keyword arguments for the query parameters: priority, timeout, deliver and linger

unsubscribe(channel, topic)
Unsubscribe channel from topic

List all topics

publish(topic, body)
Publish message on topic

List channels subscribed to topic

Delete message

Get server stats

Other client methods

__init__(linger_url=None, encode=json_encode, decode=json_decode, content_type='application/json', io_loop=None, **request_args)

The method signature is the same for AsyncLingerClient and BlockingLingerClient, as BlockingLingerClient is a wrapper for AsyncLingerClient, where each HTTP request to Linger is run in an IOLoop.

All parameters are optional.

The linger_url argument is the base url for the Linger server. Default is

The encode and decode arguments are for supplying custom message encoding and decoding functions. Default is JSON encoding/decoding.

The content_type argument should be set to the appropriate mime-type of the output of the encoding function. Default is application/json.

The io_loop is passed to the AsyncHTTPClient, used for connecting.

Keyword arguments in request_args are applied when making requests to Linger. By default the request argument use_gzip is True. Accessing a local Linger server, it may be relevant to set use_gzip to False.

The request arguments may include auth_username and auth_password for basic authentication. See tornado.httpclient.HTTPRequest for other possible arguments.

Closes the Linger client, freeing any resources used.

closed (property)
Boolean indicating if the Linger client is closed.


Support for the software can be provided on a commercial basis, please see for contact information.


The code and documentation is licensed under the Apache License v2.0, see more in the LICENSE file.

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