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A simple CLI for you to create your resume and personal website based on your LinkedIn profile

Project description


A simple CLI for you to create your resume using the Awesome CV template, and your personal website using the Dev Portfolio template, based on your LinkedIn profile.


Install through pip:

pip install linkedrw

You will also need to download the ChromeDriver from here and put it in path (e.g. /usr/local/bin/)


Simply run linkedrw to create your resume and personal webiste:

This will create three outputs:

profile.json - Your LinkedIn profile is being scraped and stored in this file

resume/ - The directory containing your resume files

website/ - The directory containing your personal website files

Compiling Your Resume

The resume/ directory contains a list of LaTex files that can be compiled into a PDF resume file. As per the instructions and requirements from Awesome-CV, a full TeX distribution needs to be installed to compile the LaTex files. You can download and install it from here.

Please note that linkedrw will try to compile the LaTex files for you if the requirements are met.

After installing the TeX distribution, run the following commands to compile your resume:

cd resume/
xelatex resume.tex

This should create your PDF resume file resume.pdf

If your resume contains a publication section, BibLaTeX and biber should also be available. And run the following commands instead:

cd resume/
xelatex resume.tex
biber resume
xelatex resume.tex

Personal Website

Simply navigate to the website/ directory and open index.html in a web browser, and you should be able to see your personal website.


Below is the list of options:

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --email EMAIL, -e EMAIL
                        Your LinkedIn login email
  --password PASSWORD, -p PASSWORD
                        Your LinkedIn login password
  --keep_creds, -k      Store LinkedIn login credentials under
  --output_dir OUTPUT_DIR, -o OUTPUT_DIR
                        The output directory (default: current directory)
  --scrape_only, -s     Only scrape LinkedIn profile
  --resume_only, -r     Only generate resume
  --website_only, -w    Only generate personal website
                        The profile json file


Customising Your Resume

The comments in resume.pdf give you guidelines on customising your resume.

Customising Your Personal Website

Run the following commands to install the dependencies first:

cd website/
npm install

Then run the following command so that it can be auto compiled when there are changes made to js/scripts.js or sass/styles.css:

npm run watch

For more customisation instructions, please refer to the original repo.

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