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Download videos from Linux Academy ( for personal offline use

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A utility to download Linux Academy ( courses, for personal offline use.

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  • Python (>=2.7.9 or >=3.5)

  • pip (Python Install Packager)

  • ffmpeg (Cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video - Optional)

  • If there are any missing packages, they will be automatically installed by pip


If you don’t have pip installed, look at their install doc. Easy install (if you trust them) is to run their bootstrap installer directly by using:

sudo curl | sudo python


linuxacademy-dl can be installed using pip

pip install linuxacademy-dl


python -m pip install linuxacademy-dl

In OS X and Linux you need to sudo installing linuxacademy-dl or you may face some errors

sudo pip install linuxacademy-dl

Also you need to use sudo installing pip itself or you run into the same problem.


linuxacademy-dl can be updated using pip

pip install --upgrade linuxacademy-dl


python -m pip install --upgrade linuxacademy-dl

In OS X and Linux you need to sudo upgrade linuxacademy-dl

sudo pip install --upgrade linuxacademy-dl

Docker Image

Docker Image for this tool is also available. Just install the Docker in your machine and use the following command to pull the image:

docker pull vassim/linuxacademy-dl

Once you’ve finished pulling the image, you can run the container using the following command. Replace <download-dir> with the folder location where you want to put your downloaded contents.

docker run -it -v "<download-dir>":"/media" vassim/linuxacademy-dl


Simply call linuxacademy-dl with the full URL to the course page.



python -m linuxacademy_dl

linuxacademy-dl will ask for your username (or email address) and password then start downloading the videos.

By default, linuxacademy-dl will download all the course materials directly into the current working directory. If you wish to have the files downloaded to a specific location, use the -o /path/to/directory/ parameter.

If you wish, you can include the username/email and password on the command line using the -u and -p parameters.

linuxacademy-dl -u -p $ecRe7w0rd

For information about all available parameters, use the --help parameter

linuxacademy-dl --help

Advanced Usage

usage: linuxacademy-dl [-h] [-u USERNAME] [-p PASSWORD] [-o OUTPUT]
                       [--use-ffmpeg] [-q {1080,720,480,360}] [--debug] [-v]

Fetch all the lectures for a Linux Academy ( course

positional arguments:
  link                  Link for Linux Academy course

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
                        Username / Email
  -p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        Output directory
  --use-ffmpeg          Download videos from m3u8/hls with ffmpeg
  -q {1080,720,480,360}, --video-quality {1080,720,480,360}
                        Select video quality [default is 1080]
  --debug               Enable debug mode
  -v, --version         Display the version of linuxacademy-dl and exit


linuxacademy-dl can be uninstalled using pip

sudo pip uninstall linuxacademy-dl

You may uninstall the dependant packages too but be aware that those might be required for other Python modules.

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