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command line utility to list session power inhibitors for Linux Gnome desktop users

Project description

command line utility to list session power inhibitors for Linux Gnome users.

Inspired by from Alexis Wilke (

Install Tips

The pip install adds an executable to your path (see usage).

This script assumes you are using Gnome.

Prerequisite packages

The python package PyGObject is a prerequisite. Installation is automatic, but certain system packages must be installed, according to the requirements of PyGObject

For Ubuntu 20.10:

sudo apt install python3-pip libgirepository1.0-dev gcc libcairo2-dev pkg-config python3-dev gir1.2-gtk-3.0

for other distributions, see

You may get a warning that ~/.local/bin is not on your path.

When you next login, this will be fixed.


inhibitors list


With the Gnome Shell plugin Caffeine activate, and a Google Meet running in Firefox:

$ inhibitors list
Listing inhibitors reported by dbus:
Inhibitor: firefox audio-playing
Inhibitor: user Inhibit by Caffeine

Comparison with systemd

we can do $ systemd-inhibit --list

which on my desktop gives:

WHO                            UID  USER PID  COMM            WHAT                                                     WHY                                                       MODE 
ModemManager                   0    root 2222 ModemManager    sleep                                                    ModemManager needs to reset devices                       delay
NetworkManager                 0    root 1912 NetworkManager  sleep                                                    NetworkManager needs to turn off networks                 delay
UPower                         0    root 2654 upowerd         sleep                                                    Pause device polling                                      delay
Unattended Upgrades Shutdown   0    root 2449 unattended-upgr shutdown                                                 Stop ongoing upgrades or perform upgrades before shutdown delay
GNOME Shell                    1000 tim  5039 gnome-shell     sleep                                                    GNOME needs to lock the screen                            delay
Telepathy                      1000 tim  5156 mission-control shutdown:sleep                                           Disconnecting IM accounts before suspend/shutdown...      delay
gnome-tweak-tool-lid-inhibitor 1000 tim  5325 python3         handle-lid-switch                                        user preference                                           block
tim                            1000 tim  5255 gsd-media-keys  handle-power-key:handle-suspend-key:handle-hibernate-key GNOME handling keypresses                                 block
tim                            1000 tim  5020 gnome-session-b shutdown:sleep                                           user session inhibited                                    block
tim                            1000 tim  5255 gsd-media-keys  sleep                                                    GNOME handling keypresses                                 delay
tim                            1000 tim  5257 gsd-power       sleep                                                    GNOME needs to lock the screen                            delay

The Caffeine plugin inhibit is the third line from the bottom. However, it is not obvious. I am sure in this case, because when I deactivate caffeine, the third line disappears.

The Google Meet inhibitor is not even listed at all. However, it is definitely an inhibitor.

Building and uploading

python3 -m build
python3 -m twine upload --skip-existing dist/* 

Project details

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