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llvm-lit module for first-class utest.h unit test support

Project description

llvm-lit module for first-class utest.h unit test support

This module allows you to run a utest testsuite as part of a larger lit testsuite. This is useful when you want to mix API unit tests with functional testing of your driver programs.


pip install lit-utest


lit is required. Your tests should be utest.h-based or behave like it.


In each of your main utest test files, set the build command:

// UTEST: cc %s -o %utest_bin

This works just like the built-in ShTest RUN: line, but introduces the special UTEST keyword to lit. The runner executes this command and the runs the resultant %utest_bin output file. All lit substitutions are available for use as usual.

Once your build commands have been added to your unit tests, configure lit with the UTestRunner in lit.local.cfg:

import lit_utest
config.test_format = lit_utest.UTestRunner()

lit will now expect all discovered tests in the subdirectory to behave as utest tests, and ignore those without a UTEST: build command. It runs each unit test separately using utest’s --filter switch, and collects the results and prints them in the way you’d expect lit to do:

-- Testing: 3 tests, 3 threads --
XFAIL: lit_utest :: shell_tests/runline.xfail.test (1 of 3)
PASS: lit_utest :: shell_tests/runline.test (2 of 3)
PASS: lit_utest :: utest_tests/test.c (3 of 3)
*** MICRO-TEST: lit_utest :: utest_tests/test.c[MyTestF.c2] -> PASS
*** MICRO-TEST: lit_utest :: utest_tests/test.c[MyTestF.c] -> PASS
*** MICRO-TEST: lit_utest :: utest_tests/test.c[MyTestI.c/0] -> PASS
*** MICRO-TEST: lit_utest :: utest_tests/test.c[MyTestI.c/1] -> PASS
*** MICRO-TEST: lit_utest :: utest_tests/test.c[MyTestI.c2/0] -> PASS

For examples, see the test directory, where we eat our own dogfood.


This module should work in all places upstream lit is supported, but I will make no extra effort to support python < 2.7


utest.h is Public Domain, llvm is either NCSA or Apache-2 license depending on the version, so it makes sense to dedicate this work to the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

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