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a de-duplication command line tool

Project description


Noah Gift



A deduplication command line tool and library. A relatively efficient algorithm based on filtering like sized bytes, and then performing a full md5 checksum, is used to determine duplicate files/file objects. Files can be deleted upon discovery, and pattern matching can be used to limit search results. Finally, configuration file use is supported, and there is a developing API that lends itself to customization via an ActionsMixin class.

Example CLI Usage:


Search by size using –size or -s option: -s 1 /mnt/raid         is equal to -s 1MB /mnt/raid -s 1bytes /mnt/raid -s 1KB /mnt/raid -s 1MB /mnt/raid -s 1GB /mnt/raid -s 1TB /mnt/raid

Report Location:

Generate custom report path using -r or –report=/tmp/report.txt:

./ --report=/tmp/test.txt /Users/ngift/Documents

By default a report will be created in CWD, called LitenDuplicateReport.txt.

Config File:

You can use a config file in the following format:


You can call the config file anything and place it anywhere.

Here is an example usage:

./ --config=myconfig.ini


All stdout can be suppressed by using –quiet or -q.


By using –delete the duplicate files will be automatically deleted. The API has support for an interactive mode and a dry-run mode, they have not been implemented in the CLI as of yet.

Example Library/API Usage:

>>> Liten = Liten(spath='testData')
>>> dupeFileOne = 'testData/testDocOne.txt'
>>> checksumOne = Liten.createChecksum(dupeFileOne)
>>> dupeFileTwo = 'testData/testDocTwo.txt'
>>> checksumTwo = Liten.createChecksum(dupeFileTwo)
>>> nonDupeFile = 'testData/testDocThree_wrong_match.txt'
>>> checksumThree = Liten.createChecksum(nonDupeFile)
>>> checksumOne == checksumTwo
>>> checksumOne == checksumThree

There is also the concept of an Action, which can be implemented later, that will allow customizable actions to occur upon an a condition that gets defined as you walk down a tree of files.


  • Run Doctests: ./liten -t or –test

  • Run

  • Run then delete those test files using liten::

    python2.5 –delete /tmp

Display Options:


stdout will show you duplicate file paths and sizes such as:

Printing dups over 1 MB using md5 checksum: [SIZE] [ORIG] [DUP]
7 MB  Orig:  /Users/ngift/Downloads/bzr-0-2.17.tar
Dupe:  /Users/ngift/Downloads/bzr-0-4.17.tar


A report named LitenDuplicateReport.txt will be created in your current working directory:

Duplicate Version,     Path,       Size,       ModDate
Original, /Users/ngift/Downloads/bzr-0-2.17.tar, 7 MB, 07/10/2007 01:43:12 AM
Duplicate, /Users/ngift/Downloads/bzr-0-3.17.tar, 7 MB, 07/10/2007 01:43:27 AM

Debug Mode Environmental Variables:

  • To enable print statement debugging set LITEN_DEBUG to 1

  • To enable pdb break point debugging set LITEN_DEBUG to 2

  • LITEN_DEBUG_MODE = int(os.environ.get(‘LITEN_DEBUG’, 0))

  • Note: When DEBUG MODE is enabled, a message will appear to standard out

QUESTIONS: noah dot gift at

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