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This is a little tiny wrapper around Git CLI

Project description


A very little Python wrapper around Git CLI.

Littlegit doesn't need any external dependency except for the Git binary to be installed in your system.

All the current, past and future commands and options of Git are fully supported.


Install Littlegit with pip:

pip install littlegit


To use Littlegit is very simple, it follows a very simple rule to map Git's commands to Littlegit's API:

  • every Git command is a method
  • every argument is a method's argument
  • every option is a method's keywords

Lets explain this with an example of initialising a local repository, adding a file and commiting:

from pathlib import Path

from littlegit import Git

repo = Git(Path("/my/local/repo"))
repo.init()  # git init /my/local/repo

open("myfile", "w").close()

repo.add("myfile")  # git add myfile
repo.commit(message="this is my first commit")  # git commit --message "this is my first commit"
repo.remote("add", "origin", "<my_remote_repo>")  # git remote add origin <my_remote_repo>
repo.push("origin", "master")  # git push origin master
print(repo.log(_1=True))  # get only the last log message

All the methods return the output if the Git command:

output = repo.branch(remote=True)  # git branch --remote
origin/HEAD -> origin/master


To run the unit tests install the development dependencies and then run PyTest:

pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

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