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Django Aliyun OSS (Object Storage Service) storage

Project description

Django AliCloud OSS Storage

**django-oss-storage** provides a Django AliCloud OSS file storage.


- Django file storage for AliCloud OSS
- Django static file storage for AliCloud OSS
- Works in Python 2 & 3


* Install

.. code-block:: bash

$ pip install django-oss-storage

- Add ``'django_oss_storage'`` to your ``INSTALLED_APPS`` setting
- Set your ``DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE`` setting to ``"django_oss_storage.backends.OssMediaStorage"``
- Set your ``STATICFILES_STORAGE`` setting to ``"django_oss_storage.backends.OssStaticStorage"``
- Configure your AliCloud OSS settings (Refer below).

Use the following settings for file storage.

.. code-block:: bash

STATICFILES_STORAGE = 'django_oss_storage.backends.OssStaticStorage'

DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE = 'django_oss_storage.backends.OssMediaStorage'

Authentication settings

Use the following settings to authenticate with AliCloud OSS.

.. code-block:: bash

# AliCloud access key ID
OSS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = <Your Access Key ID>

# AliCloud access key secret
OSS_ACCESS_KEY_SECRET = <Your Access Key Secret>

File storage settings

Use the following settings to configure AliCloud OSS file storage.

.. code-block:: bash

# The name of the bucket to store files in
OSS_BUCKET_NAME = <Your bucket name>

# The URL of AliCloud OSS endpoint
# Refer for OSS Region & Endpoint
OSS_ENDPOINT = <Your access endpoint>

# The default location for your files
MEDIA_URL = '/media/'

Staticfiles storage settings

All of the file storage settings are available for the staticfiles storage.

.. code-block:: bash

# The default location for your static files
STATIC_URL = '/static/'

staticfiles provides command 'collectstatic'. Run following command to collect all sub-folder 'static' of each app
and upload to STATIC_URL.

.. code-block:: bash

$ python collectstatic


First set the required AccessKeyId, AccessKeySecret, endpoint and bucket information for the test through environment variables (**Do not use the bucket for the production environment**).
Take the Linux system for example:

.. code-block:: bash

$ export OSS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<AccessKeyId>
$ export OSS_ACCESS_KEY_SECRET=<AccessKeySecret>
$ export OSS_BUCKET_NAME=<bucket>
$ export OSS_ENDPOINT=<endpoint>

Support and announcements

Downloads and bug tracking can be found at the `main project website <>`_.


- `MIT <>`_.

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