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Generate Data from LLM easily using LLMKit

Project description

LLMKit - Language Model Kit

LLMKit is a Python package that simplifies the interaction with Language Models (LLMs) and allows you to generate text data with ease.


  • Simple Interface: LLMKit provides a straightforward interface to interact with various language models.

  • Custom Transformers: You can create custom transformers to format input data into prompts and transform LLM-generated text into the desired data format.

  • Model Abstraction: LLMKit abstracts the details of model selection and provider handling.


You can install LLMKit using pip:

pip install llm-stack-kit


from llmkit import LLMKit

llm_kit = LLMKit()

input_data = "Translate the following English text to French: 'Hello, World!'"

# Generate text using the default transformers
generated_text = llm_kit.generate_data(input_data)

print("Generated Text:", generated_text)


For more advanced usage and customization, you can create your own transformers and specify model providers. Only two model providers are supported for now: "openai" and "cloudflare". You need to provide a .env file with either OPENAI_API_KEY for OpenAI or CF_API_KEY and CF_ACCOUNT_ID for Cloudflare.

See sample custom transformer for how to write a custom transformer.


Comprehensive documentation will be made available soon.


We welcome contributions! Our contributions guideline will be added soon.


LLMKit is distributed under the MIT License. See LICENCE for details.


If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at

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