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Basic Telegram Bot Sending Random Wikimedia Commons Photos

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Location Guessing Game Telegram Bot 🏞️ 🌍 📌

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Basic Telegram Bot Sending Random Wikimedia Commons Photos


  1. Download a dataset of photos via the WikiMap API, for instance:
    wget --restrict-file-names=windows '|9|46|18'
  2. Generate a bot API token by sending /newbot to BotFather
  3. Install bot via pip3 install --user --upgrade location-guessing-game-telegram-bot (or use docker / podman, see below)


  1. Launch bot: location-guessing-game-telegram-bot --telegram-token-path file-containing-api-token --wikimap-export-path wikimap-export.json
  2. Open a chat with the bot in Telegram by searching for the bot's name previously sent to BotFather
  3. Send message /photo, wait, and repeat
  4. Optionally add the bot to a group chat.

Docker / Podman 🐳

Pre-built docker images are available at

$ sudo docker run --name location_guessing_game_telegram_bot \
    -v /file/containing/api-token:/telegram-token:ro -e TELEGRAM_TOKEN_PATH=/telegram-token \
    -v /wikimap/export.json:/wikimap-export.json:ro -e WIKIMAP_EXPORT_PATH=/wikimap-export.json \
    --read-only --cap-drop ALL --security-opt no-new-privileges \
    --cpus 0.4 --memory 128M \

Optionally, replace sudo docker with podman.

Annotation of signed git tags docker/* contains docker image digests:

Detached signatures of images are available at (exluding automatically built latest tag).

Docker Compose 🐙

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Edit paths in docker-compose.yml.
  3. sudo docker-compose up --build


Why create a Telegram bot instead of a web app?

I created this mini game for my family including my grandparents, who are comfortable using Telegram.

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