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Console app and Python API for converting locust's load test CSV formatted reports into the OpenMetrics text format

Project description


Console app and Python API for converting locust’s load test CSV formatted reports into the OpenMetrics text format.

To use this tool effectively please setup your locust load tests to store test statistics in CSV format, which will then generate a number of files: {CSV_PREFIX}_stats.csv, {CSV_PREFIX}_stats_history.csv, {CSV_PREFIX}_failures.csv and {CSV_PREFIX}_exceptions.csv. Out of the files above, locust_csv2openmetrics is meant to work with only the {CSV_PREFIX}_stats.csv file.


To install locust_csv2openmetrics run:

$ pip install locust_csv2openmetrics

Console app usage

Quick start:

$ locust_csv2openmetrics <filename>

Show help:

$ locust_csv2openmetrics --help

Python API usage

Quick start:

>>> import locust_csv2openmetrics as lom

>>> collector = lom.collect_locust_stats("examples/locust_stats.csv")
>>> lom.write_openmetrics_to_textfile("./metrics.txt", lom.REGISTRY)


If you find any bugs, or wish to propose new features please let us know.

If you’d like to contribute, simply fork the repository, commit your changes and send a pull/merge request.

Development process

Before you start you’ll need Make, Python and Poetry.

This project doesn’t require system wide installation, simply clone the repository and initialize its development runtime environment to get started:

$ git clone
$ cd locust_csv2openmetrics
$ poetry install --with dev --sync

If you do not wish to install Make, Python or Poetry on your system you can use the dockerized version of this project instead, by replacing all of your make calls, such as:

$ poetry run make [quiet=1] [PYTHONWARNINGS=all] [TARGET] ...


$ ./ [quiet=1] [PYTHONWARNINGS=all] [TARGET] ...

Show help:

$ poetry run make help

# dockerized version:
$ ./ help

Usage: make [quiet=1] [PYTHONWARNINGS=all] [TARGET] ...

  help                                  Display this help message
  test.unit                             Run the unit tests                              Run only a specific unit test (module, module.TestCase or module.TestCase.test_method)
  test                                  Run the entire test suite (unit tests, coverage, ...)

Run the test suite, please do this often during development:

$ poetry run make quiet=1 PYTHONWARNINGS=all test

# dockerized version:
$ ./ quiet=1 PYTHONWARNINGS=all test

Release process

This project’s release process is currently manual in its nature and attempts to mimic Django’s release process, as described in:

Its Python packages are hosted on PyPI, and this is how to build+publish its Python package on a new release:

$ poetry publish --build

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