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High level logging client builtin support for colored terminal output

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Log3 makes it easier to log messages in Python. It comes with a strong default logging configuration system so you don't configure them yourself.

Here are it's main highlights:

  • Easy to use. Just import the module and start using it. This will work for most cases. Unless your logging settings are very specialized you won't have to tinker much with the configuration.
  • Strong defaults. The default formatter and date formatter will work for just about anyone. It includes the date, time, filename, level, and message. If you need to use a different formatter you can also do so just as easily.
  • New logging methods. In addition to, log.debug, etc log3 also comes with log.success to log out successful messages
  • Colored output for terminals. If you're working with the terminal the messages will be colored by default without any additional configuration
  • Easier file logging. No need to create a file handler with new date formatting, and formatting and attach to the logger. The same configuration for STDERR also applies to the log. Just import log_to_file and specify the path of the log as the argument.


You can install Log3 using pip:

pip install log3


To start logging it is as simple as importing the log logger object and issuing the logging commands:

from log3 import log"Hello world")
log.success("This message was successful")
log.debug("This is a debug message")
log.warning("This is a warning")
log.error("This is an error")
log.critical("This is  a critical error")

Log to file

The log_to_file function will allow you to add a file handler to yor logging configuration.

First import it

from log3 import log_to_file

Now you can do:

log_to_file('file')'logged to file')

Disable logging

You can quickly disable logging rather than hardcoding it into your logging configuration file.


To enable logging again it is also that simple:



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Copyright (c) 2018 Orlando Diaz

For more info see LICENSE

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