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JSON logstash formatter for logbook

Project description

JSON logs with logstash format for logbook

This library is provided to allow logbook logging to output log data as json objects ready to be shipped out to logstash.

This project is a fork of exoscale/python-logstash-formatter



$ pip install logbook-logstash



$ python install


Json outputs are provided by the LogstashFormatter logging formatter, for instance:

import sys

import logbook_logstash
from logbook import Logger, StreamHandler

log = Logger('testlog')

handler = StreamHandler(sys.stdout)
handler.formatter = logbook_logstash.LogstashFormatter()
handler.push_application()'My test')

You can provide extra variables, and show the exception traceback.{"account": 123, "ip": ""})"classic message for account: %s", account, extra={"account": account})

    h = {}
except:"something unexpected happened", exc_info=True)

Sample output

The following keys will be found in the output JSON:

  • @source_host: source hostname for the log

  • @timestamp: ISO 8601 timestamp

  • @message: short message for this log

  • @fields: all extra fields

  "@fields": {
      "account": "pyr",
      "args": [],
      "created": 1367480388.013037,
      "exception": [
          "Traceback (most recent call last):\n",
          "  File \"\", line 16, in <module>\n    k['unknown']\n",
          "KeyError: 'unknown'\n"
      "filename": "",
      "funcName": "<module>",
      "levelname": "WARNING",
      "levelno": 30,
      "lineno": 18,
      "module": "toto",
      "msecs": 13.036966323852539,
      "name": "root",
      "pathname": "",
      "process": 1819,
      "processName": "MainProcess",
      "relativeCreated": 18.002986907958984,
      "thread": 140060726359808,
      "threadName": "MainThread"
  "@message": "TOTO",
  "@source_host": "",
  "@timestamp": "2013-05-02T09:39:48.013158"


This project has basic tests, and uses the pytest library. Just execute the following commands in the project root.

$ pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
$ py.test

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