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Helper for collecting logs to ELK stack via RabbitMQ

Project description

# logcollect

Python library for centralized log collecting

Provides simple configuration for collecting python logs to ELK stack via

Supported message flow is following:




## Mechanics

### Native logging

`logcollect.boot.default_config` ensures that root logger has correctly
configured amqp handler.

### Django
`logcollect.boot.django_dict_config` modifies `django.conf.settings.LOGGING`
to ensure correct amqp handler for root logger.
It should be called in settings module after LOGGING definition.

### Celery

`logcollect.boot.celery_config` adds signal handler for `worker_process_init`
signal, and after that adds amqp handler to `task_logger` base handler.
If necessary, root logger can be also attached to amqp handler.

## Tips for configuration

### Logstash


input {
rabbitmq {
exchange => "logstash"
queue => "logstash"
host => "rabbitmq-host"
type => "amqp"
durable => true
codec => "json"
output {
elasticsearch { host => localhost }
stdout { codec => rubydebug }


### logcollect

All boot helpers have same parameters:

* broker_uri - celery-style RabbitMQ connection string, i.e.
* exchange, routing_key - message routing info for RabbitMQ
* durable - message delivery mode
* level - handler loglevel
* activity_identity - dict with "process type info"

### Activity Identity

Assuming we deployed two projects on same host: "github" and "jenkins".
Both have web backends and background workers.
Activity identity helps to identify messages from these workers:

Project | Worker | Activity identity
------- | ---------- | -----------------
github | backend | `{"project": "github", "application": "backend"}`
jenkins | background | `{"project": "jenkins", "application": "background"}`

`loggername` could be used for separating different parts of code within a
worker. Hostnames and process PIDs are added automatically.

### Correlation ID

Not supported yet, but idea is marking log messages about same object with ID
information about this object.

## Examples

### Native python logging

python test_native/


### Django

python test_django/ test_log


### Celery

First, start worker:

celery worker -A

Then send a task to that worker:

python test_celery/

## Related works

AMQPHandler and AMQPLogstashFormatter are copied from

See also:
* [RabbitMQ](
* [Logstash](
* [Kibana](
* [Django](
* [Celery](

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