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Usefull wrapper methods for logging native package

Project description

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loggers is a Python library that provides usefull wrapper methods for logging class. To be used as a superclass for your own classes.


>>> from loggers import Loggers
>>> class spamClass(Loggers):
...   def __init__(self, log_folder=None):
...       super(spamClass, self).__init__('spamClass', log_folder_path=log_folder)
...   def do_stuff(self, arg):
...       if not type(arg) == str:
...         self.log.error("I was expecting a string. :( ")
...       else:
...         self.log.debug("I received my string. :)")
>>> spam = spamClass('/tmp/logs/spamClass')
>>> spam.log.error('ERROR')
Log: ERROR | Log level:ERROR | Date:31/10/2016 16:51:47
>>> spam.set_log_rotate_handler(True)
>>> spam.do_stuff(123)
Log: I was expecting a string. :(  | Log level:ERROR | Date:31/10/2016 16:51:47
>>> spam.do_stuff('Eggs')
>>> spam.set_log_level('DEBUG')
Log: Changing log level to DEBUG | Log level:DEBUG | Date:31/10/2016 16:51:47
>>> spam.do_stuff('Spam')
Log: I received my string. :) | Log level:DEBUG | Date:31/10/2016 16:51:47


To install loggers, simply run:

$ pip install loggers

loggers is compatible with Python 2.6+ and Python 3


Source Code

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GPLv3 licensed.

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