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Audio collection id3tag tagger and organizer

Project description

What’s Longtang?

Longtang is a command-line software based on actors model capable of organizing any sloppy music source that you currently have into a well-organized, easy-to-locate tagged media library.

Why should I use it?

Because it will save you a HUGE amount of time by:

  • Tagging all media files with the right ID3Tag information.

  • Creating a hierarchical media tree organized by artists and albums.

  • Naming all files in a simple and yet clear syntax.

  • Letting you know whenever a file has something that prevents it from being accurately classified.

Installation guide:

Before proceeding with the installation, please check whether your system already has the following dependencies:

  • Python 2.7.x and headers (python-dev)

  • Chromaprint tools (libchromaprint-tools)

  • Libevent headers (libevent-dev)

After that, you can proceed to install in either two manners: from the source code or from Pypi by using pip utility.

1. Using the source code

  1. Checkout the source code:

    git clone
  2. Execute the setup utility as follows:

    python install

2. Using pip

Just type on your command line:

pip install longtang

Command guide:

The main binary is called longtang (as you can imagine) and it accepts the following parameters:

  • --source

    Source path where all the to-be-processed files are located.

  • --target

    Target path where the hierarchical structure will be created.

  • --verbosity

    Level of debug information to be printed. Accepted values are: DEBUG, INFO, WARN or ERROR. Default value is NONE

  • --override-tags

    (Optional) Whether you want Longtang to override any id3tag information on the source music files. Bear in mind that if the amount of files is high it will turn the process to be real slow.

  • --offline

    (Optional) Since any missing id3tag information will be retrieved using Acoustid service, maybe you might be interesed in not performing this action and just handle your media collection with the already existing id3 information and point out any failure during the process.

  • --help

    Prints out help information

What’s coming next?

Well, i currently have a lot of ideas but, in a short term, i’m thinking in:

  • Supporting compressed files: zip, rar, 7z, ace and so on.

  • Supporting more music formats: ogg, mpc, flac and so on.

  • Supporting cover-art automatic retrieval.

  • Porting source code into Python 3.

  • Replacing gevent library with multiprocessing library so that we gain execution parallelism.

Bugs and Feedback

Please, contact me at or follow me on twitter: @gszeliga

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