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A framework for rapidly developing pipelines with Luigi

Project description

ALPHA BUILD: A framework for rapidly developing pipelines with Luigi



  • Convention-over-configuration approach to Luigi projects

  • Standard workspace creation (lor new)

  • Configuration loading

  • A workspace-centric command-line (new, explain, ls, run, etc.)

  • Utility tasks (e.g. ` EnsureExistsOnLocalFilesystemTask`)

  • Other utilities for managing long-running subprocesses, building a CLI, etc.


To install use pip:

$ pip install lor

Or clone the repo:

$ git clone

$ python install


Once installed, lor can be used from the command-line:

$ lor new foo

This creates a lor workspace at foo/. A lor workspace is a standard python3 pip project which depends on lor as a dependency (this can be removed if you don’t need it). The lor command-line command can detect if the terminal is in a lor workspace and provides convenience commands for working in a standard workspace.

Tasks written for lor are just standard Luigi tasks. The lor library provides various utility methods that a typical project might find useful (all opt-in). For example, lor provides a global_workspace module that you can use to resolve paths and configuration properties for the current workspace:

# foo/tasks/bar

import lor.workspace_global
import luigi

class BarTask(luigi.Task):
    output_path = luigi.Parameter()

    def run(self):
        with open(str(self.output_path), "w") as f:
            config_prop = lor.workspace_global.get().get_property("CONFIG_PROP")

    def output(self):
        return luigi.LocalTarget(self.output_path)

The above is a standard Luigi task that uses lor to load a configuration property called CONFIG_PROP from the workspace (held at etc/properties.yml in the workspace). The task is a standard Luigi task, so it can be ran from Luigi directly:

$ luigi –module BarTask –output-path some/path

The lor run command can also be used to run the task:

$ lor run –module BarTask –output-path some/path

The lor run command runs luigi by proxy, so it effectively has the same interface. However, lor run also adds useful functionality, such as the ability to override a variable’s value at runtime:

$ lor run –properties CONFIG_PROP=overridden –module BarTask –output-path some/path

The task will then write “overridden” to the output file instead of whatever was loaded from the workspace’s configuration file. This is because lor run bootstraps the workspace global with the override before running Luigi.

TODO: This documentation is work in progress

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