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Controller class for communicating with Andor Kymera spectrometers.

Project description

LPI Andor

Andor spectrometer controller built for the LPI group at EPFL.



Can only be run from Windows machines at the moment.

Acquiring data

Background measurements are taken with the Spectrometer#background method, and signals are taken with the Spectrometer#aquire method. Each returns a 1D Numpy array of counts. The wavelength for each index is stored in the Spectrometer.wavelengths property. The Spectrometer.wavelengths property is reset any time the Spectrometer.center_wavelength property is set, so be sure to save the wavelength of previous scans before changing the center wavelength.

Spectrograph configuration

For properties specific to your spectrograph (e.g. Filters, read out rates, etc.), define their configuration in the enums module.


When running Spectrometer#shutdown method, the instance will block until the sensor temeprature has reached -15 C to prevent the sensor from heating too quickly. This can be overriden by calling Spectrometer#shutdown( safe = False ) or by setting the default exit behavior with the Spectrometer.exit_safe property.


  • spectrometer: Defines Spectrometer representing high level functionality of the spectrometer.
  • enums: Enums representing the spectrometer configuration.
  • measurement_parameters: Measurement parameters that are used to intialize the spectrometer.


import time
import numpy as np
from lpi_andor import Spectrometer

# intialize spectrometer
spec = Spectrometer()
spec.temperature = -70

# wait for temperature
while spec.temperature < 70:
	time.sleep( 10 )

# setup measurement
# center: 800 nm
# 10 scans, each for 1s
spec.center_wavelength = 800
spec.accumulation_scans = 10
spec.exposure_time = 1

# take measurement
background = spec.background()
signal = spec.acquire()

# compile data
data = np.dstack( ( spec.wavelengths, background, signal ) )
print( data )

# shutdown

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