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Genshi renderer for lribeiro.cherrypy.templating

Project description

Genshi renderer for lribeiro.cherrypy.templating

It has three optional config entries:

  • templating.genshi.template_directories: can be a path to the templates directory, list of paths, or anything genshi.template.TemplateLoader accepts. If none is given, {root module directory}/templates is used as the template diretory.

  • templating.genshi.loader_options: dict containing additional arguments passed to the TemplateLoader constructor

  • templating.genshi.render_options: dict containing arguments used when rendering the template, for example, {‘method’: ‘html’, ‘doctype’: ‘html-transitional’}

You can also pass arguments to the render via @template decorator args and kwargs.

class Controller:
    @template('template_name.html', method='xhtml', doctype='xhtml11')
    def handler(self):

When setting the template name, remember that Genshi interprets a leading slash as an absolute path! So the following would probably raise a TemplateNotFound:

class WrongController:
    # pay attention to the leading slash
    # Genshi will look for a 'wrong_template_name.html' file on the root of the filesystem
    def wrong_handler(self):

Developed under Python3.4 and tested against Python2.7, Python3.4 and pypy.


import cherrypy

from lribeiro.cherrypy.templating import template
from lribeiro.cherrypy.templating.genshi import renderer

class Root(object):
    def index(self):
        return {'context': 'variables'}

    @template('/var/templates/page.html')  # absolute path
    def page(self):
        return {'context': 'variables'}

config = {
    '/': {
        'templating.renderer': renderer,
        'templating.genshi.template_directories': [
            'templates',  # relative to the module where the root class was declared
            '/var/templates'  # absolute path
        'templating.genshi.loader_options': {'default_encoding': 'utf-8'},  # this is optional
        'templating.genshi.render_options': {'method': 'html', 'doctype': 'html5'}  # this is also optional

if __name__ == '__main__':
    cherrypy.quickstart(Root(), '/', config)

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