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print semantic version for git projects

Project description


Print Semantic Version for Git project.

Intended usage: makefiles and build scripts to print meaningful project version.


Let's take this repo as example

* 4cf9ba3 (HEAD -> master) sync 11
* ac24825 sync 10
* 73745a4 sync 9
| * 856d14b (feat2) sync 8
| * 1fcbaf1 sync 7
| * 2a02f9b sync 6
* b62e51a (tag: 1.3.0) sync 5
* 027b518 sync 4
| * d58163e (feat1) sync 3
| * d658ddc sync 2
* 217658d (tag: 1.0.0) sync 1
* ad3d54e initial commit

Running lu-semver for project's refs give below output

command output
lu-semver 1.3.1-rc.3.git.4cf9ba3
lu-semver --ver @same 1.3.0-dev.3.git.4cf9ba3
lu-semver --ver @next --fmt 'branch,count:pfx=rc,scm,extra' 1.3.1-rc.3.git.4cf9ba3
lu-semver --ver @next --fmt 'branch,count:pfx=rc,scm,extra' --extra gcc.9 1.3.1-rc.3.git.4cf9ba3.gcc.9
lu-semver --ver @same --fmt 'branch,count,extra' --extra gcc.9 1.3.0-dev.3.gcc.9
lu-semver --ver @latest latest
lu-semver --ver @latest feat1 latest-feat1
lu-semver feat1 1.0.1-feat1.rc.2.git.d58163e
lu-semver --fmt 'branch,count,extra' --extra gcc.9 feat1
lu-semver feat2 1.3.1-feat2.rc.3.git.856d14b
lu-semver 1.3.0 1.3.0

Format of Release info

Release info format is a coma separated list of plugins, where a plugin is a string of the form 'name:arg1=val1:arg2=val2'. Args are optional.

Plugins: branch - prints branch name unless or nothing if it's in 'omit' list min: branch default: branch:omit=master ex1: branch:omit=master,v8.0

count - prints number of commits from last tag or nothing for tags min: count default: count:pfx=dev ex1: count:pfx=rc

extra - prints 'extra' command line option min: extra default: extra

scm - prints SCM info. Only git is currently supported. min: scm default: scm:pfx=git ex1: scm:pfx=hash

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lu_semver-4.0.1-py3-none-any.whl (14.7 kB view hashes)

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