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Command line utility for controlling foldingathome version 8

Project description


Little Utility for FAH v8

This is a python command line utility script that should work on macOS, Linux, and Windows.


  • python 3.8 or later

Install from PyPI

pip install lufah

Install from source

macOS / Linux / Windows

git clone
cd lufah
make install-user


Note that lufah uses unencrypted, direct websocket connections. This is what Web Control uses to connect to the local client. This has security implications if you enable direct remote access on a client. See HOWTO: Allow v8 Client Remote Control

usage: lufah [-h] [-v] [-d] [--version] <peer> <command> ...

Little Utility for FAH v8

positional arguments:
  <peer>         [host][:port][/group] Use "." for localhost. Peer can be a
                 comma-separated list of hosts for commands units, info,
                 fold, finish, pause: host[:port],host[:port],...
    status       show json snapshot of client state
    units        show table of all units by group
    unpause      alias for fold
    config       get or set config values
    groups       show json array of resource group names
    info         show peer host and client info
    log          show log; use control-c to exit
    watch        show incoming messages; use control-c to exit
    get          show json value at dot-separated key path in client state
    start        start local client service; peer must be "."
    stop         stop local client service; peer must be "."

  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose
  -d, --debug
  --version      show program's version number and exit


lufah . units
lufah /rg2 finish
lufah other.local/rg1 status
lufah /mygpu1 config cpus 0
lufah . config -h
lufah host1,host2,host3 units
lufah host1,host2,host3 info


If not given, the default command is 'units'.

In 8.3, /group config cpus <n> is not limited to unused cpus across groups.

Group names for fah 8.1 must:
  begin "/", have only letters, numbers, period, underscore, hyphen
Group names on 8.3 can have spaces and special chars.
Web Control 8.3 trims leading and trailing white space when creating groups.
Group "/" is taken to mean the default group, which is "".
For a group name actually starting with "/", use prefix "//".

An error may not be shown if the initial connection times out.
If group does not exist on 8.1, this script may hang until silent timeout.
Config priority does not seem to work. Cores are probably setting priority.
Commands start and stop are macOS-only.


On macOS, if you have Homebrew installed, you can install watch to have an inefficient top-like units display. On Linux, you probably already have watch installed.

brew install watch

watch -n 10 lufah $(hostname) units

Example Output

lufah frotz.local units
Project  CPUs  GPUs  Status          Progress  PPD       ETA
18402    8     0     Finishing        35.1%    173973    10 hours 59 mins
18490    8     0     Running          80.7%    177621    1 hour 29 mins

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