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A Custom Jupyter Widget Library

Project description

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Lux is a library designed to make data science easier and facilitate fast experimentation with data. You can learn more about Lux by referring to the core Lux API in Python. This is the Jupyter widget frontend for Lux, written in Typescript and React.

Here is an example of the Lux widget in action.

Basic recommendations in Lux

You can find the full demo example in this live notebook.


For either Jupyter Notebooks or JupyterLab (versions 3.0 and above), you can install via pip or conda:

pip install lux-api


conda install -c conda-forge lux-api

Setup in Jupyter Notebook, VSCode

Setup in Jupyter Notebook, VSCode, JupyterHub

To use Lux with any Jupyter notebook-based frontends (e.g., Jupyter notebook, JupyterHub, or VSCode), activate the notebook extension:

jupyter nbextension install --py luxwidget
jupyter nbextension enable --py luxwidget

If the installation happens correctly, you should see two - Validating: OK after executing the two lines above. Note that you may have to restart the Jupyter Notebook server to ensure that the widget is displaying correctly.

Setup in Jupyter Lab

Lux is compatible with both Jupyter Lab version 2 and 3. To use Lux in Jupyter Lab, activate the lab extension:

jupyter labextension install @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager
jupyter labextension install luxwidget

Note that JupyterLab and VSCode is supported only for lux-widget version >=0.1.2, if you have an earlier version, please upgrade to the latest version of lux-widget. Lux has only been tested with the Chrome browser.

If you encounter issues with the installation, please refer to this page to troubleshoot the installation. Follow these instructions to set up Lux for development purposes.

Documentation and Support

For detailed reference, please refer to the documentation page. Please report any bugs, issues, or requests through Github Issues or post on the #help channel in the Lux Slack org.

Lux has only been tested with Jupyter notebook and Chrome - there have been issues with other browsers and we advise using Chrome.

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