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Provides the LZ specific code to run a drip-drip

Project description

lz_drip Project

The lz_drip project contains plug-ins for the drip_feed command that is part of the drip_drip package.

The drip_feed command can either take the name of the plug-in as it argument, or the name can be specified in the DRIP_DROPPER environmental variable.

It should be noted that any INI file and section discussed below can be declared either as drip_drip options (-i and -s respectively) or as environmental variables (DRIP_INI_FILE and DRIP_INI_SECTION respectively.)

lz_drip:SpadeReception plug-in

The lz_drip:SpadeReception plug-in is used to drip_feed SPADE bundles from a receiving dropbox, i.e. one to which a remote SPADE copies its files, to a "shadow" receiving dropbox, i.e. one from which the localSPADE reads the files. Using this plug-in avoids the shadow dropbox from becoming too full, under which circumstances the local SPADE's performance can be severely degraded.

The configuration for this plugin is defined within section of the INI file provided with the command. This section should contain the following:

  • source: The location of the receiving dropbox;
  • destination: The location of the "shadow" receiving dropbox; and
  • threshold: The maximum number of bundles allowed in the "shadow" receiving dropbox.

Here is an example INI file.

source = /global/cfs/cdirs/lz/spade/receiving/surf
destination = /global/cfs/cdirs/lz/spade/receiving/surf.shadow
threshold = 100

These values can also be set by environmental variables, in which chase the variable supersedes any value in the INI file.



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