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A set of tools for Mach-O executables analysis on OS X

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A Python toolbox for Mach-O files analysis. Heavily relies on macholib.


For usage

$ [sudo] pip install machobot

For development

$ pip install nose macholib
$ git clone machobot
$ cd ./machobot
$ nosetests # run the test suite


  • As a command-line util:

    $ inject_dylib ./target "@rpath/mylib.dylib"
  • As a Python module:

    import machobot

    Example usage:

    import machobot.dylib as dylib
    dylib.insert_load_command("output.a", "@executable_path/../../libk.dylib")



insert_load_command (target_path, library_install_name)

Inserts a new LC_LOAD_DYLIB load command into the target Mach-O header.

Argument Description
target_path A path to the target Mach-O executable file. This file will be overwritten.
library_install_name An install name for the library to inject. This string is used as a part of the load command.
Return value
Returns True if everything is OK. Otherwise rises an exception.
macho_dependencies_list (target_path, header_magic=None)

Generates a list of libraries the given Mach-O file depends on.

In that list a single library is represented by its “install path”: for some libraries it would be a full file path, and for others it would be a relative path (sometimes with dyld templates like @executable_path or @rpath in it).

Note: I don’t know any reason why would some architectures of a fat Mach-O depend on certain libraries while others don’t, but it’s technically possible. So that’s why you may want to specify the header_magic value for a particular header.

Argument Description
target_path A path to the target Mach-O executable file.
header_magic Mach-O MAGIC value for a header you want to inspect. If this argument is not provided, the function returns a list of the first header’s dependencies.
Return value
An object with two properties: weak and strong that hold lists of weak and strong dependencies respectively.

See machobot/tests/ for usage examples.

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