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Python client library for API.

Project description

Client library for in Python language.

  • Free software: MIT


pip install maclookup


git clone
pip install -e /path_to_sdist/


cd /path_to_sdist/
python install


cd /path_to_sdist/
easy_install .

Sample code

from maclookup import ApiClient
import logging

client = ApiClient('Your API key')

logging.basicConfig(filename='myapp.log', level=logging.WARNING)

print(client.get_raw_data('00A043AAAAAA', 'json'))

response = client.get('00A043AAAAAA')


You may find some examples in the “examples” directory. To run these examples you need to install “maclookup” package. Then you need to create an account on The last step is to define environment variables with the value of your API key and other settings.

export API_KEY=<Your API key>
export LOG_FILENAME=myapp.log
export OUTPUT_FILENAME=result.csv


maclookup package contains the API client class ApiClient, which implements the following functionality

ApiClient methods list:

  1. get(mac): ResponseModel

    Returns ResponseModel object as a parsed API response for a given MAC address or OUI

  2. get_vendor(mac): string

    Returns the company name as text

  3. get_raw_data(mac, output_format): string

    Returns non-parsed API response as string

  4. set_base_url(url)

    Sets base url to url

  5. set_requester(requester)

    Sets instance of Requester

ResponseModel fields:

  1. vendor_details: VendorDetails

  2. block_details: BlockDetails

  3. mac_address_details: MacAddressDetails

VendorDetails fields:

  1. oui: string

  2. is_private: boolean (False|True)

  3. company_name: string

  4. company_address: string

  5. country_code: string

BlockDetails fields:

  1. block_found: boolean (False|True)

  2. border_left: string (MAC address, may be in the EUI-64)

  3. border_right: string (MAC address, may be in the EUI-64)

  4. block_size: int (long long int)

  5. assignment_block_size: string

  6. date_created: instance of datetime.datetime

  7. date_updated: instance of datetime.datetime

MacAddressDetails fields:

  1. search_term: string

  2. is_valid: boolean (False|True)

  3. transmission_type: string

  4. administration_type: string

If the server returns a marker of outdated API version, this library will write a warning to the log.


To install dev requirements, you need to run the following commands:

cd /path_to_sdist/
pip install -e .[dev]

To run unit tests, you may use the following command:

cd /path_to_sdist/
python -m unittest discover . "*"

or this one

cd /path_to_sdist/


1.0.0 (2018-08-01)

  • First release on PyPI.

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