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build GUIs from python types

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magicgui is released under the MIT license. magicgui on PyPI magicgui on conda-forge magicgui python version support

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build GUIs from type annotations, using magic.

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magicgui uses qtpy to support both pyside2 and pyqt5 backends. However, you must have one of those installed for magicgui to work.

install with pip

pip install magicgui[pyqt5]
# or
pip install magicgui[pyside2]

or with conda:

conda install -c conda-forge magicgui pyqt  # or pyside2 instead of pyqt

:information_source: If you'd like to help us extend support to a different backend, please open an issue.

Basic usage

from magicgui import magicgui
from enum import Enum

class Medium(Enum):
    Glass = 1.520
    Oil = 1.515
    Water = 1.333
    Air = 1.0003

# decorate your function with the @magicgui decorator
@magicgui(call_button="calculate", result_widget=True)
def snells_law(aoi=30.0, n1=Medium.Glass, n2=Medium.Water, degrees=True):
    import math

    aoi = math.radians(aoi) if degrees else aoi
        result = math.asin(n1.value * math.sin(aoi) / n2.value)
        return math.degrees(result) if degrees else result
    except ValueError:
        return "Total internal reflection!"

# your function is now capable of showing a GUI


But that's just the beginning! Please see Documentation for many more details and usage examples.


Contributions are welcome!

See contributing guide here.

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