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Extract project data from GitLab

Project description

Magshimim GitLab Project Management

This package extracts project data from GitLab, and writes it to .csv files, which can be used for monitoring and analysis (e.g., using Excel)

The data extracted by this package includes:

  • events.csv - (almost) every activity made, including opening and closing issues, pushing to the repository, and more...

  • backlog.csv - a pool of issues, not associated with assignee or milestone.

  • sprints.csv - an advanced feature for close monitoring of sprint progress (see special requirements below)


pip install magpy-raz


To use this package, you need to provide a GitLab personal access token file, with api scope.


  • Gitlab projects belong to GitLab groups (not individual users)

  • Each project has a defined start_date and end_date

  • Output csv files will be created in the same folder as the main program

Special Requirements for Sprint Tracking

To use the sprints feature, you need to implement the following in your GitLab projects:

  • Create a set of milestones, each with a start and due date, creating a continuous timeline (i.e., the due date of sprint-1 is the day before the start date of sprint-2)

  • Define a work-hours budget for the sprint, by including the following line at the top of the milestone descrition: Budget: .... = __h

  • Define work estimate for each issue, associated with the milestone, by using the Gitlab /estimate command (see GitLab Time Tracking for more details)

  • Use the standard To Do, In Progress and Done labels, to indicate issue status.


import magpy.general as mg
import magpy.project as my
import magpy.projects as mp
import sys

PROJECTS = "[ירושלים,14970506,2019-10-29,2020-03-30]" + \

TOKEN = 'token-raz.txt'

def parse_projects(project_string):
    Convert Projects string to a list of projects
    project_list = []

    project_string_list = project_string.split(sep=']')
    for project_string in project_string_list:
        project_params = project_string.strip('[,').split(sep=',')
        if len(project_string) >= 4:

    return project_list

def main():

        # Get projects from a calling script (e.g., from Excel)
        token = sys.argv[1]
        project_list = parse_projects(sys.argv[2])
    except BaseException:
        # Get locally defined projects (for debug)
        token = TOKEN
        project_list = parse_projects(PROJECTS)

    # Connect to GitLab
    gl = mg.MagGitlab(token)

    # Get data for my projects
    projects = mp.Projects(gl, project_list)

if __name__ == '__main__':


Raz Nitzan


Distributed under the MIT License.

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