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mail1 is an API to send emails in a single call

Project description

Mail1 is an API to send email with a single function call. For instance, we could send an email running:

import mail1

           text='This is a test!',

That’s it!

send() method

The signature of the method to send an email is the following:

send(subject, text, text_html=None, sender=None,
     recipients=[None], cc=[], bcc=[], attachments={},
     encoding=ENCODING, smtp_host=SMTP_HOST, smtp_port=SMTP_PORT,
     username=None, password=None)

The parameters are the following:

  • subject: this is the subject of the email, as a string.

  • text: this is the text of the email as a string.

  • text_html: text as HTML.

  • sender: email address of the sender of the email.

  • recipients: the list of recipients, or the recipient as a string if there is a single one (this is NOT a coma separated list).

  • cc: the list of carbon copies.

  • bcc: the list of blind carbon copies.

  • attachments: a dictionnary that gives the file name for a given attachment name.

  • encoding: the encoding of the message.

  • smtp_host: the hostname of the email server.

  • smtp_port: the port of the email server (defaults to 25).

  • username: the username for SMTP basic authentication

  • password: the password for SMTP basic authentication

If not set, SMTP host, username and password are extracted from environment variables MAIL_SMTP, MAIL_USERNAME and MAIL_PASSWORD.

Command line

You can also invoke this script on command line to send emails. To get help about command line parameters, type mail1 -h, which will display following help page:

mail1 [-h] -f from -r recipient -s subject -a file
           -m smtphost -e encoding message
Send an email with following:
-h            Print this help page
-f from       The mail sender
-r recipient  The mail recipient (repeat for more than one recipient)
-s subject    The mail subject
-a file       A file to attach
-e encoding   The encoding to use
-m smtphost   The SMTP server host
-u username   The SMTP username
-p password   The SMTP password
message       The message

If not passed on command line, SMTP host, username and password are extracted from environment variables MAIL_SMTP, MAIL_USERNAME and MAIL_PASSWORD.


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