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Scrape mailman archive and convert to rss

Project description

A simple mailman archive -> rss converter. Also the command can run as a twitter bot.


Install the package with pip.

pip install mailman-rss

Twitter bot can be installed with an option:

pip install mailman-rss[twitter]


usage: mailman-rss [-h] [--command COMMAND] [--config CONFIG]
                   [--archive-url URL] [--max-items MAX_ITEMS] [-o OUTPUT]
                   [-l LOGLEVEL] [--encoding ENCODING] [--language LANGUAGE]

Fetch Mailman archive and export to RSS

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --command COMMAND     Command to execute, rss or twitter
  --config CONFIG       mailman-rss config json file, default None
  --archive-url URL     Archive URL to fetch
  --max-items MAX_ITEMS
                        number of messages to convert to rss
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        output file name, default stdout
  -l LOGLEVEL, --loglevel LOGLEVEL
                        logging level for debugging, default warning
  --encoding ENCODING   email message encoding, default None
  --language LANGUAGE   language specification, default None

RSS Example: this will output RSS feed to stdout.

mailman-rss --archive-url

The command can have a config file.

mailman-rss --config /path/to/config.json
  "archive_url": "",
  "output": "/home/user/public_html/mailman.rss"

Twitter example: twitter bot requires an application token and a storage space. Get Twitter API Key to run the command.

  "command": "twitter",
  "archive_url": "",
  "db": "/home/user/scraper.sqlite3",
  "max_items": 10,
  "access_token_secret": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"


The command should be run from cron.

crontab -l

0 * * * * mailman-rss --archive-url > /var/www/archive.rss
0 * * * * mailman-rss --config /home/user/twitter-bot.json



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