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basic package for mailtoplone

Project description



basic package for mailtoplone


Stefan Eletzhofer –

“<stefan dot eletzhofer at inquant de>”

Hans-Peter Locher –

“<hans-peter dot locher at inquant de>”

Copyright (c) 2007-2008 InQuant GmbH – “


Additional egg dependecies

icalendar python-dateutil


Content Types


Provides an XMLRPCView to access it’s drop method. Dropping a mailstring ( a plaintext string containing the whole email including envelope), a plone content type Email will be generated, the data field will contain the mailstring.


File like content type conatining the mailstring inside the data field. View registered for IEmail: emailview ( as standard view ) shows:

  • headers Subject, From, To, Cc

  • body (prefers text/html parts over text/plain parts)

  • attachments (download link)



Basic adapter, providing a drop method generating an Email out of the dropped mailstring


Advanced adapter, creating a news item out of the dropped mailstring.


Advanced adapter, creating an event out of text/calendar attachments inside the dropped mailstring



Used to find objects providing IMailDropBoxMarker with id=key. Used by the deliver action in mailtoplone.contentrules.


Taking an icalendar string, this utility creates an ATEvent out of each VEVENT. The implementation supports keywordarguments, passing them to invokeFactory. This implementation correctly imports events exported from plone, as a first approach. It is used by the EventMailDropBox.


You can use these markerinterfaces (@@manage_interfaces) to mark a folder for mailtoplone (remember to reindex the marked object). Afterwards the folder can be found and delivered mails to.


“”” marker interface for mail drop boxes “””


“”” marker interface for blog mail drop boxes “””


“”” marker interface for event mail drop boxes “””



File system python script, to drop a mail to an inbox(url), specify the mail as file or use stdin

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Change history


0.2.7 (2009-07-22)

  • use subject to generate id for type Email, so we avoid being limited to 1000 emails per dropbox (fixes #7) [hplocher]

0.2.6 (2008-12-02)

  • fix dependency in to now require python-dateutil (was dateutil earlier)

  • correct propertiestool.xml to not purge, and only add Email to typesUseViewActionInListings [hplocher]

  • for earlier changes see included CHANGELOG

Detailed Documentation


Setup TestEnvironment

Setting up a inbox containing email1, email2:

>>> self.setRoles(('Manager',))
>>> self.portal.invokeFactory('InBox', 'inbox')
>>> self.portal.inbox.invokeFactory('Email', 'email1')
>>> self.portal.inbox.invokeFactory('Email', 'email3')


Let’s test the drop function useable with the MailDropBox Adapter, The dropped mails get their id’s using the NameChooser:

>>> from mailtoplone.base.interfaces import IMailDropBox
>>> IMailDropBox(self.portal.inbox).drop("some data")
>>> IMailDropBox(self.portal.inbox).drop("some data")
>>> IMailDropBox(self.portal.inbox).drop("some data")
>>> self.portal.inbox.objectIds()
['email1', 'email3', 'email', 'email-1', 'email-2']

Let’s test some values of a created email:

'some data'

Browserview xmlrpcview

Let’s test if the xmlrpcview has a drop method which creates an Email in the inbox:

>>> theview = self.portal.inbox.restrictedTraverse('xmlrpcview')
>>> theview.drop("dropped via view")
>>> self.portal.inbox.objectIds()
['email1', 'email3', 'email', 'email-1', 'email-2', 'email-3']
>>> self.portal.inbox.listFolderContents()[5].data
'dropped via view'

Email title

We generate the tile for email objects out of the subject, otherwise we’ll take the id.

First, let’s create various minimalistic emails:

>>> withsubject = 'subject: withsubject'
>>> withSubject = 'Subject: withSubject'
>>> withbetreff = 'betreff: withbetreff'
>>> withBetreff = 'Betreff: withBetreff'

Let’s drop this emails to our inbox:

>>> theview.drop(withsubject)
>>> self.portal.inbox.listFolderContents()[6].Title()

>>> theview.drop(withSubject)
>>> self.portal.inbox.listFolderContents()[7].Title()

>>> theview.drop(withbetreff)
>>> self.portal.inbox.listFolderContents()[8].Title()

>>> theview.drop(withBetreff)
>>> self.portal.inbox.listFolderContents()[9].Title()

If we have multiple subject / betreff / … in our mail, let’s take the first Subject:

>>> theview.drop('Subject: SUB\nBetreff: BET')
>>> self.portal.inbox.listFolderContents()[10].Title()

We decode the subject header for presentation, let’s drop an encoded subject:

>>> theview.drop('Subject: =?ISO-8859-15?Q?=FCld=F6m?=')
>>> self.portal.inbox.listFolderContents()[11].Title() == 'üldöm'
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Hans-Peter Locher, InQuant GmbH

Stefan Eletzhofer, InQuant GmbH


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