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Create project layout from jinja2 templates.

Project description


Create project layout from jinja2 templates.


$ pip install make


$ pip install --user make


In general:

$ python -m make project source-path target-path

Where source-path can be a local path:

$ python -m make project examples/ini_features New-Project

A local zip file:

$ python -m make project examples/ New-Project

Zip file over http or https:

$ python -m make project -zp simple-master New-Project

Short url for Github:

$ python -m make project gh:fholmer/simple New-Project

And Gitlab:

$ python -m make project gl:fholmer/simple New-Project

Sub dirs is also supported for Gitlab:

$ python -m make project gl:fholmer/templates/proj1 New-Project

Simple cookiecutter templates is also supported.

We will use a popular cookiecutter template in this example:

$ python -m make project gh:kragniz/cookiecutter-pypackage-minimal New-Project

How to make your own project template

The source-path have to contain a file named project.conf or project.json. Choose the format you prefer.

Format of project.conf:

name = App
package = {{' ','_').replace('-', '_')}}
include_tests = json::["none", "pytest"]
include_docs = json::["none", "sphinx", "mkdocs"]

# this is a comment.
# section or keys starting with _ is non-interactive variables

_test_dir = {{ 'tests' if project.include_tests != 'none' else '' }}

    {%%- if project.include_docs == 'sphinx' -%%}
    {%%- elif project.include_docs == 'mkdocs' -%%}
    {%%- else -%%}
    {%%- endif -%%}

The ini-format allows for multi line values, but % have to be escaped. Comments is allowed. Use the special prefix json:: to serialize subsequent text as json.

Format of project.json:

    "project": {

        "name": "App",
        "package": "{{' ','_').replace('-', '_')}}",
        "include_tests": ["none", "pytest"],
        "include_docs": ["none", "sphinx", "mkdocs"],
        "_test_dir": "{{ 'tests' if project.include_tests != 'none' else '' }}"
    "_docs": {
        "dir": "{%- if project.include_docs == 'sphinx' -%}\ndocs\n{%- elif project.include_docs == 'mkdocs' -%}\ndocz\n{%- else -%}\n{%- endif -%}"

The json-format do not have multi line but you can use multiple \n in one line.

The source directory could be something like this:


{{}}/ may look something like this:

from setuptools import setup, find_packages
from {{ project.package }} import __version__ as app_version

    name="{{ }}",
    packages=find_packages(include=['{{ project.package }}*']),

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