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Create vector datasets from raster surfaces

Project description

Raster –> vector surface creation tools in python


From GitHub:

pip install -e

From PyPI

pip install makesurface --pre


  1. Install dependencies:

‘click>=3.0’, ‘fiona’, ‘numpy’, ‘rasterio’, ‘shapely’, ‘scipy’, ‘mercantile’, ‘pyproj’

  1. Clone this repo:

:console:git clone

  1. cd into :console:make-surface then pip install -e .

Usage - Vectorize

makesurface vectorize [OPTIONS] INFILE

Takes an input raster, and converts into a stacked shapefile. Sort of like gdal polygonize with more control, optimized for vector tiles. Also can print out a CartoCSS template for stylizing (one style for each class).

image <figcaption>




--outfile TEXT           Write to GeoJSON
-b, --bidx INTEGER       Input band to vectorize. [default = 1]
-cl, --classes TEXT      Number of output classes, OR "all" for rounded
                         input values (ignored if class file specified)
                         [default = 10]
-cf, --classfile TEXT    One-line CSV of break values [default = None]
-w, --weight FLOAT       Weighting between equal interval and quantile
                         breaks [default = 1 / equal interval]
-s, --smoothing INTEGER  Value by which to zoom and smooth the data [default
                         = None]
-n, --nodata TEXT        Manually defined nodata value - can be any number
                         or "min" [default = None]
-ov, --outvar TEXT       Name of output variable [Default = value]
-set, --setnodata FLOAT  Value to set nodata to (eg, if nodata / masked, set
                         pixel to this value) [default = None]
-c, --carto
-ni, --nibble            Expand mask by 1 pixel
--axonometrize FLOAT     EXPERIMENTAL
-ns, --nosimple
--help                   Show this message and exit.

Usage - Triangulate

makesurface triangulate [OPTIONS] ZOOM

Creates an empty triangular lattice: image0

  --bounds FLOAT...  Bounding Box ("w s e n") to create lattice in
  --tile INTEGER...  Tile ("x y z") to create lattice in
  --output TEXT      File to write to (.geojson)
  --tableid TEXT     static id for databases
  --help             Show this message and exit.

Usage - fillfacets

makesurface fillfacets [OPTIONS] SAMPLERASTER [INFILE]

Use GeoJSON-like triangle geometry to get average regional raster value for that geometry

image <figcaption>




--output TEXT           Write output to .json [default - print to stdout]
-b, --bidxs TEXT...     Band to sample [default=1]
--zooming INTEGER       Manual upsampling of raster for sampling [Default =
                        upsampling by estimated polygon density]
-np, --noproject        Do not project data
-ogjs, --outputgeojson  Output updated GeoJSON
-bp, --batchprint TEXT
-cl, --color
--help                  Show this message and exit.

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