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A small module to train and save a classifier.

Project description

# Model Train and Save Test Author: [Brenton Mallen](

This is a package to build a ML model and save it to disk.

## Installation pip install mallen_grubhub_test

or install manually by cloning the repo and running

python install

## To Run The CLI requires an integer argument called –region_id.

Example run call: train –region_id 1 (This will train a classifier on region 1)

For CLI help type python src/ -h in the package root directory

### Run Tests To run tests, run the following command in the package root directory: make test

### Development Either a Conda environment using conda env update in the root directory or by using virtualenv by first initializing the environment with virtualenv grubhub-venv, activating with grubhub-venv/bin/activate and installing the dependencies using pip install -r requirements.txt

Updating pypi package Upload to pypi can be done using the make package-test command. It will ask for credentials for a test pypi account.

Similarly, production can be updated using the make package-prod command.

For reference, see the [tutorial](

## TODOs Outside of the time constrain, there are a number of improvements: 1. Continuous integration and deployment with something like Jenkins 1. Implement mypy for type checking to reduce potential errors 1. Implement linting for quality checking 1. Explore using [tox]( for platform testing

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