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Index and search bookmarks from the command line.

Project description

Index and search browser bookmarks from the command line.

Works with Chrome and Firefox.


pip install marcus

(hint: use --user to install into ~/.local/bin/)

Then run marcus (or ~/.local/bin/marcus) with no arguments to get help.

Index your bookmarks

The first time you run this it will take a while, depending on how many bookmarks you have.

$ marcus --index ~/.config/chromium/Default/Bookmarks
Start 2017-01-12 21:20
Indexing 10 / 1081 bookmarks
Indexing (0 / 1081) 0% done
Indexing (1 / 1081) 0% done

To find a list of bookmark files belonging to the current user:

$ marcus --find-bookmark-files

Firefox on Linux example:

$ marcus --index ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/places.sqlite

Automated indexing

Edit your user’s crontab with crontab -e and then add a line at the bottom like this:

17 * * * * $PATH-TO-BINARY/marcus --index ~/.config/chromium/Default/Bookmarks >> $HOME/.marcus.log 2>&1

Which will run the indexer every hour at 17 minutes past the hour. Pages which have already been indexed will not be indexed again.

Patches welcome. Enjoy!

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