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A package for the margin game.

Project description

pip install margingame

This package is mainly for just one class, Initialise(...). You can:

  • Pass in non-default parameters for a custom game.
  • Get attributes, notably payoff matrices as Pandas dataframes.
  • Use the method to calculate the Nash equilibria.

See the code, notably, for more info.

Main Uses

Interactive payoff matrices for both players

  1. In a .ipynb file, run the code `from margingame.notebook.visualise import visualise`.
  2. Install any missing packages flagged by an error if there are any (this is due to a bug).
  3. Run `visualise()`.


  • You can click the left margin of the output cell to expand/truncate it.
  • Changing the domains of the payoff matrices is achieved by passing the relevant arguments into `visualise`.
  • It's slow, I know.

Calculate the nash equlibria

  1. Run the code `from margingame.Initialise import Initialise'.
  2. Create your game with `Game = Initialise(...)', specifying any non-default parameters desired.
  3. Calculate the nash equlibria via support enumeration via `Game.calculate_equilibria_support_enum()`.

Project details

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margingame-0.3.4.tar.gz (4.9 kB view hashes)

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