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A simple python markdown files generator

Project description


A simple python3 package that facilitates the generation of markdown flavoured files


pip install markd


Initialize the module

from markd import Markdown()

markd = Markdown()

Add content blocks

add_header(text, htype=1)

Adds an htype header block to the content

markd.add_header("H2", 2)


Adds a text block to the content

markd.add_text("Sample text")

add_list_item(text, depth=None)

Adds a list item to the content with the specified text and intentation depth. The depth parameter is used to create sublists.

markd.add_list_item("List item 1")
markd.add_list_item("List item 1.1", 1)
markd.add_list_item("List item 1.2", 1)
markd.add_list_item("List item 1.2.1", 2)


Adds a linebreak block



Adds a blockquote with the specified lines of text

markd.add_blockquote("This is a blockquote")
markd.add_blockquote("This is a", "multi line", "block quote")


Adds a horizontal rule block



Adds a code block

trace = '''
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 6, in <module>
    raise TypeError("Oups!")
TypeError: Oups!


add_image(url, alt_text)

Adds an image using the specified url and alt_text

markd.add_image("", "my image")


Adds a table to the content provided a list of table rows. The first row in the list, is considered to be the header.

    ["Header cell 1", "Header cell 2", "Header cell 3"],
    ["Row 1 cell 1", "Row 1 cell 2", "Row 1 cell 3"],
    ["Row 2 cell 1", "Row 2 cell 2", "Row 2 cell 3"],

Utility methods

link(url, text=None)

Creates a markdown link that can be added in the content using the available add_* methods

markd.add_text("", "test"))


Emphasizes a given text

markd.add_text(markd.emphasis("Text to be emphasized"))


Wraps the given text in italics

markd.add_text(markd.italics("Enter text here"))


Saves the file to the specified path"/path/to/save/the/")

Full Example

from markd import Markdown()

if __name__ == '__main__':
    markd = Markdown()
    markd.add_header("This an H1 headers")
    markd.add_header("This is an H2 header", 2)
    markd.add_text("Lorem ipsum text")
    markd.add_blockquote("You can also add blockquotes!!")
    markd.add_text("", "Link to google"))
    markd.add_list_item("List item 1")
    markd.add_list_item("List item 1.1", 1) # Sublist item
    markd.add_list_item("List item 1.1.1", 2) # Sublist item
    markd.add_list_item("List item 2")
    markd.add_list_item("","List item link"))
    markd.add_code("Some code here")
    markd.add_image("", "alt-text")
    ["Header cell 1", "Header cell 2", "Header cell 3"],
    ["Row 1 cell 1", "Row 1 cell 2", "Row 1 cell 3"],
    ["Row 2 cell 1", "Row 2 cell 2", "Row 2 cell 3"],
    print(markd.content) # Get the content"/path/to/save/the/")


GNU General Public License v3 (GPLv3)

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