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Fork of Markdown-checklist: Python Markdown extension for task lists with checkboxes

Project description

[Markdown Checklists](

a [Python Markdown]( extension for lists of
tasks with checkboxes inspured by [GitHub task lists](

Markdown-Checklists is forked from [Markdown Checklist]( and extended with addtional features.

## Features

* a dash can be used instead of an asterisk for list items
* both upper- and lowercase "x" are accepted to activate checkboxes

## Additional Features

* MakeFile provides task to create for Sublime-Text 3 Plugin [OmniMarkupPreviewer]( an Markdown-Renderer extension with additonal template files.
* `class` attribute for `<ul>`-Tag for Checklists.
* `class` attribute for `<li>`-Tag of Checklists.
* Genearting key (hash) for each checkpoint text, using hash to make checklist check"ed" able.
* `id` attribute for `<input>`-Tag of Checklists.
* `for` attribute for `<label>`-Tag of Checklists.

## Example HTML Output

h1>Hello World</h1>
<ul class="checklist">
<li class="task-list-item"><input type="checkbox" id="ca052d1d7e0a2f787f4ef9937840dcf91e647b08b208df4bbce2e78d527a4f8c"><label for="ca052d1d7e0a2f787f4ef9937840dcf91e647b08b208df4bbce2e78d527a4f8c"> foo</label></li>
<li class="task-list-item"><input type="checkbox" id="375719a43941c6a5e7f957c74b6f1d7e20cfefd0040181aaf6d3074c8eaac311" checked><label for="375719a43941c6a5e7f957c74b6f1d7e20cfefd0040181aaf6d3074c8eaac311"> bar</label></li>
<li class="task-list-item"><input type="checkbox" id="7d80d75283fdbf2a3d8a0e2eed45e9d844d1a7482372cd8bc59581725373c179"><label for="7d80d75283fdbf2a3d8a0e2eed45e9d844d1a7482372cd8bc59581725373c179"> baz</label></li>
<li class="task-list-item"><input type="checkbox"></li>
<li class="task-list-item"><input type="checkbox" checked></li>
<p>lorem ipsum</p>

## Installation

$ pip install markdown-checklists

### Markdown-Renderer Extension for OmniMarkupPreviewer

*installs the extension to the current user.*

$ make OmniMarkupPreviewerInstall

## Usage

import markdown
html = markdown.markdown(source, extensions=['markdown_checklists.extension'])


import markdown
from markdown_checklists.extension import ChecklistsExtension
html = markdown.markdown(source, extensions=[ChecklistsExtension()])

There is also a small JavaScript/jQuery library to make checkboxes interactive:

new Checklists("article", function(checkbox, callback) {
var uri = checkbox.closest("article").find("h1 a").attr("href");
jQuery.get(uri, callback);
}, function(markdown, checkbox, callback) {
var uri = checkbox.closest("article").find("h1 a").attr("href");
type: "put",
uri: uri,
data: markdown,
success: callback

See included `checklists.js` for details.

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